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Today’s Tidbits

Line of the day, from my progress on Queen of Spades: I could only hope one of two smitten idiots wasn’t getting pushed off the balcony in my wake.

In other news… Here are some of today’s random Twitter gems from a coffee-and-sugar-crazed writing maniac:

I’ve stocked up on coffee, microwave dinners, and candy. Time to spend the month doing nothing but writing! & maybe Thanksgiving

Um…this chapter is 50 pages long so far. What am I doing?

If all my chapters were this long, I could write 4 chapters and call it a book.

Finally finished my 50+ page chapter. Onto one that will probably be 2!

Oh yeah, I still have to buy cat food today. Guess I’ll have to leave my characters in peril for an hour or so.

Bought cat food & stuffed my face with salad to make up for the coffee and candy and sweets. Back to writing, fueled by lettuce?

And that’s all for today, folks. Tune in next time for another spotty rundown!


The Beast that Tweets

Who knew something that tweets could be such a beast.

I have been trying, really trying, lately, to get the hang of the beast that is Twitter. Supposedly, Twitter is something that I ‘should’ become proficient with (with? in?), as an indie author. And everyone else seems to pick it up just fine, so I should be able to as well.

Not really the case. I don’t know if it’s that I don’t ‘get’ it, or that it just isn’t my thing, or… I don’t know. I suppose I can see how, once you got the hang of it, there are aspects that could be enjoyable. I guess it’s kind of nice to be able to share your thoughts as they come to you, feel as though ALL OF THEM are valuable, and imagine that 12,000 people care. (Not that I have that many followers yet. Right now, I think I have 35.) And, truly, I doubt most of them care. But it’s nice to imagine that they do.

Personally, I find it a little overwhelming feeling obligated to care about 12,000 people’s random, trivial thoughts. And I don’t mean that I’m a jerk and don’t care about people’s thoughts, it’s just…overwhelming.

I know, I know, the point isn’t to try to keep up with everything that everyone says on Twitter. And I’m not following 12,000 people yet. I’m following about 70. But I get hesitant to follow more, because just the idea of having 12,000 (or hopefully more, I guess) to keep up with sounds exhausting. For a reserved introvert like myself, it just sounds like a terrifying crowd.

Then there are the private messages. I didn’t even know those really existed, at first, until all at once I saw that I had unread messages in my inbox. All these people that I had followed, saying they look forward to ‘chatting’. I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS SIGNING UP TO CHAT WITH YOU ALL.  THAT’S EVEN WORSE THAN CARING ABOUT YOU ALL. Then I go and see that half of them haven’t even followed me back, so why do they want to chat with me, and how are we going to do that, and wouldn’t that just be awkward since they have no interest in following me?

The other thing is that I’m always torn between cramming my post full of hashtags, and not knowing what the heck to use as the best hashtags and opting to just forego them completely, lest I look like an idiot or just waste space that I could use to lengthen the content and quality of the post itself.

It’s a beast, I tell you. A giant, tweeting beast.