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Hurrayzies and Fancy-Shmancy Interior Book Design

Paradise Chapter Page

I’VE DONE IT! Paradise is officially, OFFICIALLY complete, and ready to be re-released for the last time – professionally edited, tediously polished, and wrapped up in a nice tidy bow of OFFICIALISM. This is it, guys. The most official one of my books has ever gotten. I decided this was the year I was going to get serious about this writing stuff, and in only the second month of the year, I have followed through with that resolution. I could not be more excited or proud of myself!

So the epic re-release is going to take place on February 29th (spread the word!). The kindle and paperback versions will both be available via Amazon.com. I got both files formatted today, and one thing I’m really excited about and had to give you a sneak peak of is the interior design for the paperback! These are the gorgeous chapter headings gracing 31 lucky pages of the book:

Paradise Chapter Page

Totally cool, right? I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands! I hope you’ll pick up a copy of your own and join me for an adventure in Paradise – I have some great things planned for this series!


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Matchy-Matchy and Deadlines

Book Hands

Today I was reading a bit more of The Night Circus, when I closed the cover and was delighted by the sight you see above. I hardly ever paint my nails, and while I wear rings now and then (they are my favorite piece of jewelry), I tend to get irritated with how much they get in the way of functioning and I don’t end up wearing them as often as I’d like to if style were the only factor. So I was quite tickled to find I’d randomly done my nails (while waiting on my silly ancient computer to snap out of its ‘Not Responding’ vacation) and put on a ring that matched the color scheme of the cover perfectly. I had to snap keepsake pic.

In other news, the re-release of Paradise is right around the corner on the 29th, and I still have two scenes to edit. Every single time I sit down to edit them, something else waltzes in and distracts me. And not just frivolous distractions, but actual events that prevent me from editing. I’m feeling a bit cursed, but am determined to get at least one of the remaining scenes edited tonight. Worst case scenario – I’m going to take Friday off work in order to finish, so I can format everything Saturday and get all the files submitted no later than Saturday night, which does still give me a day’s leeway.

Wish me luck!

Book Hands

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New Paradise Release Date

Paradise 3D Group Book Rendering 1

Paradise is back from the new editor, and I’m hard at work applying the suggested edits. Based on the scope of what needs to be updated, and the rate I’m getting it done so far, I have planned the release date for February 29th! Remember, the first edition of Paradise is already out, and this will be a fresher, more polished version replacing the old one. But as far as I’m concerned this might as well be the official release, because I can confidently say this round of edits has helped fulfill the vision I intended for the story, and now everything will be staged as necessary for finishing the sequel. So there you have it! The ‘official’ version of Paradise will be hitting shelves (and e-readers) on February 29th!


Book Trailer! Oh Man!

I’ve been pretty excited about a lot of the progress surrounding Lifebreath lately, but I don’t think any of it comes close to the excitement of MAKING A BOOK TRAILER FOR IT!

It’s really high time I started making book trailers, as I’ve been wanting to do it forever and I do everything else Multi-media related. So I finally decided to just sit down and do it. And I did it!

There is still much to learn in the putting-together-videos department, but I feel like I’ve just tapped into a whole new level of awesomeness. Have a look!

(Lifebreath itself is processing to go live as we speak, so it should be fully processed and available on schedule, which is tonight/tomorrow!)

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Special Edition Release!

The special edition of ‘Ace’ has just gone live in the world of e-books.  Check it out on Amazon! ‘Ace’ Special Edition.

The special edition of Ace includes…  Notes about the inspiration for the book, a list of interesting facts about the book in general, and a never-before published ‘Ace’ short story!

Something a little interesting with the publication of this special edition book…  Amazon went ahead and copied over the reviews from the regular edition of ‘Ace’ and applied them to the special edition.  I THINK that I think that’s cool.  Most of the material as the main section of story goes remains the same, but I do feel a little weird about these reviews not really applying to the bonus material.  Oh well – at least they’re positive reviews, so it’s not as if I have anything to complain about.  It’s curious, though, because this didn’t happen with my special edition of ‘Bounty’, and I’m not sure where the difference lies.  One of the great mysteries of life, I suppose…