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The Creative Writer’s Handybook

Well, you might as well know, because it’s going to be published soon anyway – I’ve been working on a secret project, guys. Aside from the usual long list of fantasy/YA/dystopian/adventure novels I’m (supposed to be) working on, I’ve been putting together something of a different nature. Something NON-FICTION. We’re talking about a helpful handbook for creative writers!

It’s something that’s been on my mind as a vague project for quite some time, and recently I got inspired to start working on it, only to have it unfold double-time and produce itself with unexpectedly swift vigor. Who knew I had so much to say, and that it would be so much fun! I’m looking to release it next month. Some features of this handbook (which I have dubbed a ‘handybook’) include:

Writing prompts

Tips for Writer’s Block

Pep Talks

Gesture/Emotion Guides

Alternative Words for ‘Said’

Story-Crafting Advice

Quotes and Inspiration

Useful Publishing Links and Resources

A story by yours truly,  based on one of the writing prompts in the book

And more!

I’ve compiled it based on a mix of relevant blog posts I’ve already written on the subjects of creative writing and self-publishing, as well as new material I’ve put together based on things I’ve learned from others during my journey as an indie author. Lots of great stuff (if I found it helpful, I can only assume someone else might, too!) no matter what stage of the process you’re in, with a healthy dose of humor and of course the extra bonus of one of my short stories included at the end.

I’m really excited to share this project with you all! I plan to keep it on hand and continue to reference it to aide my writing process as well. Here’s a preview:

The Creative Writer's Handybook 3D