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Free Dystopian Download

Today and tomorrow, you can download the kindle version of my Dystopian novel, A Mischief in the Woodwork, for free!

This is the book of mine that has received the most consistent feedback, all of it positive. On Amazon it has 4-star reviews only, one of which says it was really more of a 4.5 for them. On Goodreads it has a 5 star average. So go download it!

Here’s the link: Get My Awesomest Novel For Free


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Re-Release of ‘Spychild’ – Get it Freeee!

I have released the 2nd Edition of ‘Spychild’, my original young adult adventure that I wrote in my teen years. Today you can download it for free over at Amazon! Here’s its cover, description, and Amazon link…


Welcome to the game…
For generations, the capital city of Cerf Daine has been terrorized by a group of slinking criminal masterminds known as the Spykin. Operating from a secret headquarters, they strike whenever the danger is greatest, playing genius dark games for the simple thrill of it.
But recent times have seen their kind dwindle away, as the folly of their obsession with danger demands its price. One by one, they have all been caught.
All except Clevwrith, and he is determined to carry on the Spykin’s legacy.
By taking on an apprentice, he intends to mold a creature equal to himself, another that can never be caught. This requires that he teach his apprentice everything he knows, disclosing all of his deepest, darkest secrets.
But everyone has secrets of their own. And when you teach a stranger to play dark games without rules, the next move can come in any shape or form.
…Rules are forbidden.

Get it Free Today!

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Awesome Mischief

So…  I’m running a free promotion of my dystopian novel, A Mischief in the Woodwork, over at Amazon.com, and it’s currently # 9 on the ol’ ‘top 100’ list in the category of free ‘epic fantasy’.  (It’s also #35 on the top 100 list just for free ‘fantasy’.)  And I was thinking, you know, it would be really awesome if it happened to just bump its way right on up to #1.  It’s so close.  I’ve found myself in the teens before with a couple other books, but never into the single digits before.  So…  You’d be doing me a huge favor if you hopped on over to Amazon and simply clicked the ‘buy now with one click’ button.  Won’t cost a thing.  It takes two seconds.  I would love you forever, even if you hate the book.  Here’s the link!  A Mischief in the Woodwork

Thank you!!

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Return of The…What?

Something that annoys me (and honestly is just as bemusing as it is annoying), is a certain quirk I’ve discovered lately pertaining to Amazon KDP customers.  Many of you will be familiar with the fact that Amazon KDP offers a program you can enroll your titles in that allows you to run ‘free promotions’ of your e-books.  This is something I’ve taken to doing, lately, to gain a little bit of publicity.  So far, in most respects, it’s a really cool avenue.  I really don’t have many complaints, as my fans, sales, and reviews have only benefited from enrolling.  I run a free promotion, score a bunch of downloads, watch my titles move up in the sales ranks, and then sit back and smile at the thought of the publicity I’ve just secured that will lead to a number of sales after the free promotion has ended.

But then something a little disgruntling happens (I love that word: disgruntling.  It’s kind of a crack-up).  There are always a few of those free download ‘customers’ who go and return the title that they have downloaded.  No one likes to go and check their sales report and see a number greater than ‘0’ under the column Units Returned.  Every time I do, my heart does a little betrayed flop.  Then I remember: it was only a free download return.  I didn’t lose anything, and it wasn’t some invested customer that then decided the thing didn’t live up to their hopes or expectations.  And, somehow, it just doesn’t seem to count as a legitimate return if it was merely a free download, rather than a sale.  I don’t know, I just find that reassuring somehow.  But THEN I remember: Wait a minute – it was only a free download.  And that begs the question: why in the world are they bothering to return it?

Granted, many more people than might normally read your book will probably be willing to give it a shot if it’s free, so you run the risk of a bigger number not finding your work to their liking, in which case you can expect some rejection.  But the thing is free.  Why are these people returning free b0oks?  What’s the point?  It isn’t as if they lost anything downloading it, because it’s free, with free delivery.  It seems like more work to return it than it would be worth, because returning it isn’t worth anything.  If they don’t like it, why not just…not read it?  Delete it?

And this seems to happen every free promotion.  Usually it’s only one little unit, but occasionally it’s two.  Am I missing something?  Is there a point to this?  Are these just ‘free-download’ trolls, trying to mess with my self-esteem one measly free-download-return at a time?  I just don’t get it.  Why go to the trouble?  What compels these people to return something that was free?  Did they just dislike it so much that they had to make a statement?  (Somehow, I find that particular scenario a little bit unlikely.)

So what gives?

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‘Ace’ Freebie Promotion

Today through June 4th, my Young Adult fantasy Ace can be downloaded for free over at Amazon.com!

Just follow this link! – Ace

Ace is one of my less serious works – by which I mean, I wrote it largely for fun, and didn’t necessarily focus as much on the ‘art’ of the prose.  Of course it ended up with an art all its own (just one a little more dependent on an edgy, sarcastic narrative than one of poetry) and also developed its own kind of depth.  This is a work where, more than ever before, I allowed my silly side to come out, and just had a great time – but no work is complete without developing its own kind of meaning, which it did, and Ace (and its sequels) now have just as special a place next to my heart as all the others.

Here is its blurb:

“There will be crime on your hands, and treachery on your heels. A cruel, cruel world on your shoulders, and no flowers on your grave. And the joke, well…unfortunately, bless your heart, the joke will be on you. Only you. For there is a presence of hostility whose fangs are sunk deep into your future. There are gnashing teeth on your heels and around every bend. There is a price on your destiny. The bounty hunters among the angels will be after you. There is no stealth, Lady Spade. There is only running. So I suggest you run.”

If she had been so lucky, Ace might have received just such a warning. But the entirety of the point, here, is that she’s not. She has been chronically hapless from the web of the womb. Cursed with relentless, ruthless misfortune. Her very own entourage of bad luck, its signature everywhere, its shadow widespread and swift. The only compensation for this forsaken fate, destiny’s sole remedy: the fact that she is gifted and lucky at cards. Grossly lucky.

But survival is far from sympathetic. And not all games are as easy as cards on a table.

(Edit: cancelling the last two days of the free promotion to take advantage of a more strategic timeframe to finish it up in.  Also because there seem to be a few errors/glitches in the Amazon.com sales page for this title and its information.  Not sure what’s going on there.  We will see.)