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The Breathtaker Saga – Meet Calecko

As the deadline for finishing the third book in the series looms, and I stress over whether or not I’m actually going to meet it, I would like to introduce you to Calecko – one of the Breathtakers and love interests in the book. (And yes, that’s Ca-LEH-ko, not Calico.)

Here he is! Dreamy sigh…

Calecko 1 Calecko 2 Calecko 3

And then there are these, which aren’t as close to what he looks like, but hey. Good measure and all that…

Calecko 4 Calecko 5

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The Breathtaker Saga – Meet Breya

In honor of Deep Breather nearing completion, I thought it would be fun to do a few posts to introduce the characters of the Breathtaker saga.

So, today, the main character of the saga, Breya:

Breya 1 Breya 2

Descendant of the Sirens, possessed by the powers of the mystical Abyss, Breya is one of the beings known as the Imitor Seshy, able to seduce victims into a state of vulnerability and breathe the life out of them, granting her immortality on land.

Breya 3 Breya 4

But Breya is a halfbreed –  torn between her humanity and the call of the sea and murderous nature that dwells inside her. She is haunted by her first-kiss-turned-first-murder, when she breathed the life out of her first love Ash and inadvertently seized her immortality, realizing her heritage for the first time. (That was a lot of ‘firsts’, huh?)