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Wonderland Cover Reveal

Wonderland Cover Reveal Teaser

It’s here! The cover reveal for Wonderland, which I almost forgot to post in spite of scheduling it for a day I had free and keenly anticipating this very moment for weeks! But my frazzled brain and I managed to collide in a moment of clarity, and, bing!…I give to you what I promised:


Here it comes……

The beautiful amazing wondrously wonderful cover for Wonderland:

Wonderland Cover Official

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Deep Breather Wrap Cover

Deep Breather Wrap Cover

And we’ve got another beauty, ladies and gents. I mean, if I do say so myself. I never feel like it’s bragging when I go on about how pretty these covers are, because the elements I’m working with just naturally create AMAZING results. The blue, the water, the mystical Atlantis-like lore… It just can’t help but equal gorgeously awesome.

Really, it’s like there’s real Atlantian magic weaving itself into these covers. Whenever I get one finished up, I look at it and think ‘why isn’t every book I ever write about Atlantis?’. It’s such a great subject to work with.

Anyway! The point of this post is that I’ve gotten the wrap cover for Deep Breather wrapped up (pun intended), and it’s all ready for it’s release in both ebook and paperback now. So, on to the actual release of the thing!

But enjoy this eye candy in the meantime:

Deep Breather Wrap Cover

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Painting a Book Cover

Premade Exclusive Unique Cover 1

For my book cover design job, I do a lot of photo-manipulation (combining images and using that as the base, and adding effects on top of that), but I decided to also start painting some covers from scratch. (That’s ‘digital’ painting, mind you, done in photoshop with a tablet). I thought it would be neat to share some step-by-step progress images, for anyone interested in seeing what goes into painting a piece. Enjoy!

Girl 1 progress 0 Girl 1 progress 1 Girl 1 progress 2 Girl 1 progress 3 Girl 1 progress 4 Girl 1 progress 5 lowres Girl 1 progress 6 Girl 1 progress 7 Girl 1 progress 8 Girl 1

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Deep Breather – Cover Reveal

Deep Breather cover

Typical. In trying to sit down and make some premade book covers for the evening (to sell), I ended up with something that I want to keep. Fortunately, for a change, this one is actually perfect for something I’m currently working on – the next book in the Breathtaker series! The original premade cover I was putting together just had the girl and the water, but after I saw how perfect it was for my series, I went ahead and added the snowglobe which is relevant to the plot of my book.

So here you have it, the impromptu cover reveal for Deep Breather!

Deep Breather cover

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Cover Reveal – Bounty, Special Edition

While I get edits underway on Lifebreath, I figured I’d do a cover reveal for the new cover I’m going to use for the special edition of Bounty. I think it turned out beautifully! And I don’t know if I’ve ever captured the essence of a book so perfectly. Maybe I have. but this just fits so well. I don’t know. Honestly, I get so excited anytime I do anything. But I love it!

Bounty special edition new cover ebook

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Story ‘Stills’ – Just Like the Movies

Lifebreath still

So today I thought to myself ‘Self, you have so much making covers that capture parts of a book, why not make other images that capture OTHER parts of books?’

So I decided to make some fun ‘stills’ straight out of my stories. Here’s the first (taken from a part I just wrote in Lifebreath). So much fun!