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Did You Feed Her to the Sharks?

Hub of Harper

Great, inking Abyss, if I couldn’t have kissed him right then and there, just to taste that cotton-candy memory in the crumbling stardust grottos of the deep.


A micro excerpt (above) from my current WIP Pillars of the Deep – and in case that wasn’t enough, another lengthier excerpt to tease you even more:


I hung back when I heard voices, heated and sharp. They were male, the baritone nuances vibrating through the water like soft-twanging drums. One of them was recognizable as Coda, but who was he arguing with, and about what? Curiosity getting the better of me, I peeked around the corner, peering down the deep-sea corridor. Ripples of aqua glimmered over the burnished bronze details of the ornate hallway architecture, glancing across tarnished candelabra torches that hung long-dormant on the walls and the decorative archway ribbing that lined the passage every few meters.

I caught…

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A Carousel of Shark Fins

Hub of Harper

Another short excerpt from Pillars of the Deep!


Vertigo spilled through me, the terror of my impending fate curbed only for one surreal instant in which I watched a mother orca and her calf leap from one wall of the vortex to the other, arcing in graceful tandem through the eye of the storm – whales in the sky – and then I collided hard with the railing and spilled like a rag doll over the edge.

My fingers clawed desperately for my salvation, catching like a grappling hook and nearly pulling my shoulder from its socket. Fleetingly, I hung suspended, astonished at how quickly my conversion back to a coastal crony had led to me drowning at sea.

That escalated quickly.

A carousel of shark fins stabbed through the whirlpool walls, spinning like an inverse razor blade beneath me, ready to shred me the instant I fell.

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A Deathly Light Cover Reveal – And a Surprise!

Hub of Harper

You know what day it is. Cover Reveal day! One of my favorite days in Writerville. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to reveal this cover, as I put it together long before I actually started writing the book (pretty sure it’s been collecting dust on my hard-drive for at least two years).

The book, however, has been planned since long before I created the cover. I came up with the idea years and YEARS ago, and while I’ve grasped time and time again at the right opportunity to sit down and write the thing (it’s had a number of ‘false starts’ consisting of a few cringe-worthy pages that I hope I tore up), I’m actually glad it’s taken me so long to get to the real deal. Why? Because it’s allowed the story to germinate. To evolve. To thoroughly permeate my subconscious so I have a really…

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Summoned – Author Spotlight

Hub of Harper

englishsummonedTwenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told – literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker. Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well.

When he meets Syd – assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd – he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can’t tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn’t the type to tolerate secrets.

Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl’s ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming – the wish that will destroy him.

A dark twist on genie folklore…

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Wonderland Release Date

Hub of Harper

Welcome to Wonderland. Isn’t it a wonder that you’re still alive.

At last! I am able to announce the release date for Wonderland. Drum-roll please…. If all goes well, it should hit shelves on April 30th! If you haven’t already, be sure to grab your copy of Paradise while it’s $0.99 so you’re ready for this thrilling next installment in the Deadly Lush saga.


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A Terrible Secret Only the Flowers Know

Hub of Harper

Another excerpt from the editing of Wonderland! Enjoy.


Past the threshold of the island, into the depths of the jungle, through unfamiliar overgrown territory, it occurred to Shiloh that Fate was perhaps as ironic as it was an opportunist. For she was struck not by the raging violence that was known to inhabit the wilderness, but the vast, overwhelming loneliness. It was a quiet day, a thick, eddying tranquility saturating the perfumed air. She stopped in a sweeping glade to look around at the rippling wildflower emptiness, and a haunting nostalgia came over her. In that moment she truly felt how haunting the beauty of Paradise was, like a fairytale under a curse.

Because even on a silent, peaceful day, the silence represented the fact that no human life thrived here, and the why was a tragic, bloody memory trapped in the quietly blooming hush.

A terrible secret…

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