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The Charmed Life of a Writer – Day 2

Hub of Harper

The acrid, cozy musk of yesterday’s fire still lingers in the air, wafting from the charred, white-brick fireplace. Even thicker than the smoky scent in the air is nostalgia. The kind that comes with evergreen trees and twinkly lights and glitter-frosted fluffy scarves and the slant of the winter sun cutting through cold windowpanes.

We’ve decorated the hearth with two miniature trees, the branches enchanted with pin-prick white lights; the mantle drips with glistening, snowy Poinsettias.

A make-shift desk has been propped in front of the fireplace, because I couldn’t stand not to make this my newest writing haunt.


The slant of the sun glances off the laptop screen, making me squint to make out what I’m typing. But I’m piled with at least two books that I take turns reading intermittently, and at least three notebooks that I pause to scrawl notes in. (Shame on me for ending on…

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The Charmed Life of a Writer – Day 1

Hub of Harper

11pm. I fall asleep to the sound of rain tapping on the roof and imaginary characters tapping at the door to my mind. There is nothing quite like a rainy day that brings out the writing itch. “Tomorrow,” I whisper, soft as the down in the pillow beneath my head, but I leave the door ajar for the voices as I drifted off.

They play through my dreams as I sleep. Inspiration for the next morning.

9am. Still dark enough to  be 6. Climb out from the floral covers where the husband and the kitties are still snuggled.  Put on the new sweater-poncho I bought for 30% off yesterday. I never go Black Friday shopping, but winter has frosted our small town overnight, and all my winter clothes are packed away in boxes from the move – so a $20 deal from Target it is, until I can find the box…

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Hub of Harper

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. It also happens to be my birthday. We don’t need to talk about how old I am (though plenty insist I ain’t seen nothin’ yet), but suffice it to say my husband and I celebrated yesterday because I’d rather celebrate my previous age than the first day of being this new age… Today I don’t feel much like celebrating. But it’s okay, because tomorrow it won’t be about me anymore, and I’ll be totally happy to celebrate friends and family and everything else in life and eat ALL THE PIE.

Side note – as someone who’s become more of a health and fitness nut of late, counting calories in everything just to educate myself, I was flabbershocked (flabbergasted and shocked) to discover one serving of Chocolate Silk Pie has not 200 calories, not 300 calories, not 400 or even 500 calories, but FIVE HUNDRED AND…

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Restraint – Wonderland Excerpt

It’s excerpt time! Taken from today’s 1,000-word progress on the almost-finished Wonderland! A little mushy, but hey – I’m a sucker for that stuff.


It was a strangely meaningful concept – someone with the power and aptitude to wrestle sharks, to shred her where she stood if he wanted, but who would never touch a hair on her head. There he was, muscle and power and instinct and blood on his hands, but the ferocity bypassed her. His killer hands rested by his sides, not touching her.

But she recalled a time when they had touched her. When he had taken those beaten-up fingers, capable of anything, and trailed them over her skin with warpaint sentiments. And they had been gentle.

Like a butterfly straining against its cocoon, something nudged inside her, wanting to feel that touch again. There was something in the restraint, in the fact that he could ravage her like a rabid wolf and then his touch registered with the lightness of a feather. It was surprising, confusing, intriguing.

Made her curious what he was holding back.

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NaNoWriMo Butt Kick

There’s nothing like NaNoWriMo, a time when authors far and wide put their noses to the grind stone to crank out 50k words in one month, to kick my butt into gear where writing at least the last 10k of an 80% finished book is concerned. So, yes, I’m using NaNoWriMo and everyone else’s unbridled fervor as the thing that finally leaves me with no excuse not to get this dumb baby done!

That’s right – Wonderland may have missed its summer release, but it’s not as if I didn’t get close, and as of today we’re up to 88% finished. I already know Thanksgiving is going to try to throw a cork in my writing goals over the next couple weeks, but I’m on a pretty good roll right now. The end is so close in sight, maybe I’ll just…get there before Thanksgiving even comes a-gobbling, and flit around the kitchen making pies at my leisure with the smirk of an author who has finished her book.

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Wonderland Progress and Plot Splicing

Wonderland is cruising right along, right about at the 3/4 completion milestone. I just got back from an almost two-hour writing spree at the park, which was just what I needed to clear my head from the work week and get back in the writing groove. Only a few chapters to go, now. And I’m finally feeling like this MC has the depth I’ve been aiming for. Only took a book and a half to get her to this point. Better late than never, right?

My secondary thought of the day has to do with the always multiplying plot-bunnies in my head I can never seem to keep a handle on. I’ve been haunted by the thought lately that I probably already have more must-write book ideas than I’ll ever be able to actually fulfill in my lifetime, not to mention all the storylines that are bound to inspire themselves in the future. This is a very depressing thought. Part of the solution is just to set my life up so I have more writing time, but even then there are too many to ever complete. It’s occurred to me that a more viable solution is to try to combine some of the plots currently pending on my to-write list. I am both really excited and a little skeptical of this idea, as I’ve envisioned some of these storylines strictly in their purest form for so long, but I think combining some of these awesome ideas can only equal more awesome books in the end.

So there you have it, today’s writing tidbits! Time to go type up my progress on Wonderland, and dream of the moment I can finally start promoting the crud out of Paradise because its sequel is finally out. IT’S ALMOST TIME.