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I decided to create a list of all the titles that I have pending at some stage or another, so people can get an idea of what’s coming in the future from me and also as an organizational tool for myself.  In the past, I would write this down on a piece of paper to use as a reference sheet for whenever I finished something and wanted to work on something new, just a list of allllll my ideas, but then I would lose the list.  So I’d make another one, and lose that too.  Eventually my sister made me agree to give her the list for safe-keeping, so now whenever I need to have a look at it I have to go to her and ask for it, but so far it has been much more convenient than searching high and low for it because I’ve gone and lost it again.

So.  Here’s a tentative list of things brewing in my author mind.  It’s subject to change, and this is actually by no means a complete list, but hopefully it’ll be fun for someone to look at, and if not…it’s at least a safe place I can keep it for my own reference.  Here we go!


Wonderland (sequel to Paradise) (60% written)

Eden (sequel to Wonderland) Ideas; One scene written

Starless (Stage: 50% written)

Queen of Spades (Sequel to Ace of Hearts. 70% written)



Companion to ‘THE MASTER OF THE SHADOWS’ duet:

Child of Rooftops and Shadows (stage: it has a beginning)

‘IMMORTIA’ Novellas:

The Breathing Tide (stage: prologue written)

Scars of Rain: (stage: 200 words)


Betrayal’s Flight (stage: started many times. Partial draft: 9-ish)

Venom Rider (stage: a book’s worth of notes/parts)

South Wing (stage: a book’s worth of notes/parts)

Destiny Landing (stage: a book’s worth of notes/parts)


Queen of Spades (book 3 in the series.  Stage: 70% written)

Shuffle (book 4.  Stage: notes/parts)

Cheater’s Game (book 5. Stage: notes/parts)

Joker (book 6. Stage: notes/parts)


Scars to Ashes

Sparks to Stardust

Breath of Exile (outlined; notes/parts)

Beastly Beloved (sequel/prequel; notes)

Dangel’s List (stage: draft one, 5,000 words)

Shattering Dormant (in the outlining stages)

Crooked Bird (Stage: 40% through first draft)

The Lake of Stars (Co-writing. Have the outline)

The Air Gypsies (playing with ideas)

Gargoyles in Silk (draft 1 started, but needs re-writing)

Asunder (re-write of incomplete draft started. 7,000 words?)

The Decoy (started, but needs re-write. Lots of notes)

Circle’s End (lots of notes/parts)

Crossroads (started, needs re-write)

Arabella Beastly (stage: outlined)

Southfall (stage: outlined)


Mark of the Abyss (written, needs re-write)

Captive to Winter (a book’s worth of notes/parts)

Mistshadow (lots of notes/parts)

The Chaos of Whispers (largely written, needs re-write)

The Sainted (sequel; lots of notes/parts)

Lunis (stage: 2,000 words)

She-Wolf (outlined)

Willow (sequel to ‘Whisper’; outlined)

Shadows Conspiring (half-written, needs rewrite; lots of notes)

I am Darkly Conjured (outlined and started)

Black Alec (spin-off from ‘Asunder’; notes/parts)

The Six Knives (300 pages written, needs rewrite; a book’s worth of notes/parts)

Voidmancer (outlined, started)

The Curtain House (notes)

The Blood of the Wind (notes)

Enfetter me Grounded (outlined, started)

Lace me Tight (sequel; notes)

Dreamer, Awaken (outlined; notes/parts)

Endangered, Remember (sequel; notes/parts)

Beloved, Be still (sequel; notes/parts)

The Venomous Skies books:

Children of Downfall (outlined, begun)

Masters of Exile (somewhat outlined)

(To be continued…)

6 thoughts on “In Progress

  1. Might I ask how you added those progress bars to your side column? Id love to do that on mine as well =)
    Best of luck in your writing adventures!

  2. So will there be more in the Breathtaker series? Please tell me there will!♥

    • Absolutely! I wasn’t sure about titles yet, so I haven’t added them to the list here, but for those who are curious there are two sequels in the making, and perhaps even a third 🙂

  3. I am a horse lover and really enjoyed whisper! I am absolutely in love with this post apocalyptic world returning to the use of horses in battle with a young strong female charater who can horse whisperers. Also throwing in demon horses for an otherworldy feel. I have read and reread whisper so many times and am really lookking forward to its sequel Willow

    • Hello, and thank you for stopping by! I am so glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed Whisper. I am looking forward to getting the sequel out there, although due to some life events my writing schedule has taken a hit. But it’s comments like these that motivate me to ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak and make some progress on that front. Thanks for reading!

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