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Paradise – Now Available!

Paradise 3D Rendering

Paradise is live! I was supposed to promote it all day, but got tied up in some other obligations. Normally I’d insist on making a book release more of a priority, but since this IS the re-release, I was persuaded to let it slide a little. Not to say it doesn’t deserve a little noise, because I’m really excited for the makeover it’s had under new editorship, and am ready to scream from the rooftops THIS IS THE VERSION I WANT THE WORLD TO READ.

I almost feel like this is my writing debut, just because I took the time to make sure this one was done right. MANIACAL GIGGLES.

Okay, back to business (or in other words, back to working on the sequel!) For those of you interested in purchasing Paradise, you can do so here.

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New Paradise Release Date

Paradise 3D Group Book Rendering 1

Paradise is back from the new editor, and I’m hard at work applying the suggested edits. Based on the scope of what needs to be updated, and the rate I’m getting it done so far, I have planned the release date for February 29th! Remember, the first edition of Paradise is already out, and this will be a fresher, more polished version replacing the old one. But as far as I’m concerned this might as well be the official release, because I can confidently say this round of edits has helped fulfill the vision I intended for the story, and now everything will be staged as necessary for finishing the sequel. So there you have it! The ‘official’ version of Paradise will be hitting shelves (and e-readers) on February 29th!

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Days of Twilight and Mischief Cover Reveal

Days of Twilight and Mischief

And now, the cover reveal for the first part of the divided Mischief trilogy, Days of Twilight and Mischief:

Days of Twilight and Mischief

Is it gorgeous, or is it GORGEOUS?! Stay tuned for the next two cover reveals, and to find out release dates. I’m still narrowing it down, but expect sometime in February!

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The Creative Writer’s Handybook

Well, you might as well know, because it’s going to be published soon anyway – I’ve been working on a secret project, guys. Aside from the usual long list of fantasy/YA/dystopian/adventure novels I’m (supposed to be) working on, I’ve been putting together something of a different nature. Something NON-FICTION. We’re talking about a helpful handbook for creative writers!

It’s something that’s been on my mind as a vague project for quite some time, and recently I got inspired to start working on it, only to have it unfold double-time and produce itself with unexpectedly swift vigor. Who knew I had so much to say, and that it would be so much fun! I’m looking to release it next month. Some features of this handbook (which I have dubbed a ‘handybook’) include:

Writing prompts

Tips for Writer’s Block

Pep Talks

Gesture/Emotion Guides

Alternative Words for ‘Said’

Story-Crafting Advice

Quotes and Inspiration

Useful Publishing Links and Resources

A story by yours truly,  based on one of the writing prompts in the book

And more!

I’ve compiled it based on a mix of relevant blog posts I’ve already written on the subjects of creative writing and self-publishing, as well as new material I’ve put together based on things I’ve learned from others during my journey as an indie author. Lots of great stuff (if I found it helpful, I can only assume someone else might, too!) no matter what stage of the process you’re in, with a healthy dose of humor and of course the extra bonus of one of my short stories included at the end.

I’m really excited to share this project with you all! I plan to keep it on hand and continue to reference it to aide my writing process as well. Here’s a preview:

The Creative Writer's Handybook 3D

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Wonderland Cover Reveal

Wonderland Cover Reveal Teaser

It’s here! The cover reveal for Wonderland, which I almost forgot to post in spite of scheduling it for a day I had free and keenly anticipating this very moment for weeks! But my frazzled brain and I managed to collide in a moment of clarity, and, bing!…I give to you what I promised:


Here it comes……

The beautiful amazing wondrously wonderful cover for Wonderland:

Wonderland Cover Official

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Book Release: Paradise!!!

Paradise Promo 5

Alright, people. You know what day it is! Or maybe you don’t, but even if you didn’t it should be obvious from the title of this post. Paradise is finished, edited, uploaded, published, and LIVE! It’s released! It’s out in the world, taking its first baby steps! The paperback is still processing, not that any of you are archaic like me and care about the paperback, but you can find the ebook version here! Or by clicking on the image above, or the image below. So many ways to get there. You have no excuse not to check it out.

Paradise 3D Rendering


Starless Cover Reveal!!!

It’s here! The cover reveal for Starless!

Starless Cover Alternate

Isn’t it lovely? I’m still hard at work on the book. No definitive release date yet, but the goal is sometime this summer. Get excited! Spread the word! At least I have a cover to pique readers’ interest now 🙂