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A Breathless Prologue

I’m pleased to announce I’ve started the fourth and final book in the Breathtaker series. I also have plans to do a quick rewrite of the first two books and add a bit of excitement (and polish a few other things up), but I’m trying to maintain forward momentum where completing the series is concerned, in order to keep the fans happy.

So to celebrate the beginning of this final installment, I’d like to share with you the prologue that officially begins the end.

I give you…the prologue of Breathless:


If you knew a breath would be your last…would you hold it?
For centuries, those who have had a brush with death have been saved by the graces of instinct. The natural, compelling instinct to survive has long been poised to jump in, to intervene, to do what it can to preserve its host.
But it is an unconscious preservation. And a brush with death is an entirely different creature than a pact with fate.
So what if you knew? Knew and welcomed the moment.
Would you have it in you to go peacefully, without a fight? To shake Fate’s hand, and walk off into the unfathomable beyond without glancing back?
Or would a piece of you still resist, clinging to all that you know and love? And if you love nothing in this world, would you fall prey to that final disease that is the human capacity to hope, and cling to all that you could come to know and love, if you held on just a little longer…
If you knew your moment had come, would you lie beneath the stars aligned for your death, and hold your last breath?

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Meet the Characters of ‘Starless’ – Biric

It’s time to start introducing the characters from Starless! (Upcoming dystopian YA novel). Today we’re going to meet Biric, the main character of the story.

beauty portrait of blonde girl in profile

This is Biric. She has awesome blue dreadlocks. But not just because they’re awesome and I wanted her to have them. She’s a slave in the dystopian future, a role in which it makes sense to have dreadlocks, and the blue comes from something known as ‘Stardust’, in the book – a type of matter strewn across the Earth when crystalline asteroids (or geode-like asteroids) struck and all but destroyed the world as we know it.

I can’t say much more about Biric without giving away some key plot elements, but I can say that the whippings she has received as a slave have resulted in a strangely artful pattern of scars across her back, creating a symbol that sparks with significance. What does it mean?

What relevance does she have in a world where the Apocalypse is written in the stars?

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The Breathtaker Saga – Meet Ash

The release of Deep Breather, the third book in the Breathtaker saga, is right around the corner! Three days, to be exact.

To tide over fans of the saga until the release, I’ve been doing some fun posts to introduce readers to the characters from the book, since I happen to have most of them documented in picture-form on Pinterest.

Today we’re meeting Ash!

Ash 1

Ash is a very special character to me. He’s an old-fashioned bloke thrust into the crazy, chaotic modern world, trying to deal with being brought back from the dead after the love of his life inadvertently killed him, nearly a century ago. Having taken his life-force for herself, she is still alive, and there to welcome him back. It’s not every day that a man gets a second chance with the woman who killed him, ay?

That and other things make Ash’s character a very interesting character to write. He is good, and troubled, and noble, and conflicted. Old-fashioned, but very down to earth. Maybe a little bit awkward, but you’d never really know it,  because he has a very assured sense of self, and makes most things about others than himself anyway. (Namely Breya, of course, as she’s caught up in far more madness even than he has been thrust into, and he loves her like every girl ought to be loved.)

And isn’t he handsome to look at? 🙂

Ash 2

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The Breathtaker Saga – Meet Calecko

As the deadline for finishing the third book in the series looms, and I stress over whether or not I’m actually going to meet it, I would like to introduce you to Calecko – one of the Breathtakers and love interests in the book. (And yes, that’s Ca-LEH-ko, not Calico.)

Here he is! Dreamy sigh…

Calecko 1 Calecko 2 Calecko 3

And then there are these, which aren’t as close to what he looks like, but hey. Good measure and all that…

Calecko 4 Calecko 5

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The Breathtaker Saga – Meet Breya

In honor of Deep Breather nearing completion, I thought it would be fun to do a few posts to introduce the characters of the Breathtaker saga.

So, today, the main character of the saga, Breya:

Breya 1 Breya 2

Descendant of the Sirens, possessed by the powers of the mystical Abyss, Breya is one of the beings known as the Imitor Seshy, able to seduce victims into a state of vulnerability and breathe the life out of them, granting her immortality on land.

Breya 3 Breya 4

But Breya is a halfbreed –  torn between her humanity and the call of the sea and murderous nature that dwells inside her. She is haunted by her first-kiss-turned-first-murder, when she breathed the life out of her first love Ash and inadvertently seized her immortality, realizing her heritage for the first time. (That was a lot of ‘firsts’, huh?)