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City of Winter and Tarnish Cover Reveal

City of Web and Tarnish

And now, the cover reveal for the second volume in the freshly-edited Mischief saga, City of Winter and Tarnish! I just love it so much. Originally, I entitled this volume City of Web and Tarnish. I always knew I wanted a visual of a door perched on top of a heap of rubble, but I was never quite sure how I was going to fill in the background. Not for lack of ideas, but just because I could have done a number of things and didn’t know what would look best until I sat down to put it together. I always figured I’d just do a faded view of a ruined city or something along those lines, but literally as I was starting the cover design and saving the file, I typed the ‘W’ of ‘web’ into the file name and suddenly thought of the word ‘winter’. It just came to me, and I stopped, cursor blinking, considering the possibilities. I’d really fallen in love with ‘City of Web and Tarnish’, and it made sense, but Winter ALSO sounded amazing, and also happened to make sense plot-wise, since what’s through the doorway is essentially a winter landscape. The more I tried the name on my tongue, the more I liked it. And as soon as I started thinking about the design possibilities, I was sold. I love the graceful twist on what was originally a purely desolate vision, and I’ve always focused on telling the story based on a combination of beauty and horror. So the contrast of delicate lacy snow against grungey, haunted ruins is perfect. I’m so charmed with the result!

City of Web and Tarnish

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Wonderland Cover Reveal

Wonderland Cover Reveal Teaser

It’s here! The cover reveal for Wonderland, which I almost forgot to post in spite of scheduling it for a day I had free and keenly anticipating this very moment for weeks! But my frazzled brain and I managed to collide in a moment of clarity, and, bing!…I give to you what I promised:


Here it comes……

The beautiful amazing wondrously wonderful cover for Wonderland:

Wonderland Cover Official

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Paradise Promos

Paradise Banner 1

I’ve been mostly posting updates regarding Paradise to the Paradise blog I created, but I figure it’s probably about time I  made some noise here on my main page as well. The book will be released probably within the next week, so today I’d like to share all the fun promos I’ve created throughout the writing process, which have been a fun way to both create some hype for the book where my readers are concerned, and to keep me motivated to keep writing on it. Enjoy!

Paradise Shiloh Profile

Paradise Ad 1 Lowres

Paradise Promo 4 Lowres

Paradise Combo Cover Poster 1

Paradise Promo 3 Lowres Paradise Promo 1 Lowres


Starless Cover Reveal!!!

It’s here! The cover reveal for Starless!

Starless Cover Alternate

Isn’t it lovely? I’m still hard at work on the book. No definitive release date yet, but the goal is sometime this summer. Get excited! Spread the word! At least I have a cover to pique readers’ interest now 🙂

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Queen of Spades Cover Reveal

Queen of Spades Cover New

I considered doing a ‘cover reveal teaser’ for this, same as I’m doing for Starless, but I was too excited to keep TWO covers under wraps, and I’m trying to get this book finished and released as quickly as possible. So! Without any fooling around, here is the lovely cover for the third book in the series!

Queen of Spades Cover New

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Starless – Coming to Life!


One thing I really love about being an artist and a writer is that when I start writing a new book, I can create imagery to bring aspects of the story to life. This comes in handy chiefly when it comes to making my own book covers, but it always turns into so much more on my end, as well. Scenery for the world, character profiles, excessive posters and backgrounds, etc.

I got so excited about starting work on my new venture Starless, last night, that I paused writing to start making the cover for the book, even though I’m only 3 chapters in. That led to two separate cover options, which I’m having trouble deciding between. And then THAT led to creating promotional banners (as you can see from above).

I’m really excited to share all of these visual pieces of the book, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself and use up all the hype in the early stages of writing the book. So, for now, I just wanted to share this banner with you, since I am putting it up on my blog to get an early start on promotion. I will go as far as to say that I took pieces of the cover and used them to make the banner, so the cover does look something like this. But I’ll leave you with that teaser until a later point in the process of finishing the book.

Back to writing!