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Throne of Exile – Excerpt

Hub of Harper

I’m back at the writing game, struggling with Eden but blazing along with Throne of Exile. I thought it was high time I dropped in and shared an excerpt so no one thinks I’ve dropped off the face of the earth again!


I was vaguely aware as I dashed toward my goggles that the sauntering fellow had a similar idea and was retrieving his special token. Of course, his was the pipe, and it seemed his most pressing objective was simply to go out with a good smoke.

I no longer had time to judge him. Scooping my goggles off the ground almost without slowing, I cradled them against my chest and sprinted headlong for the Chemlands.

And the apocalypse.

Pipe-guy watched me go, unperturbed curiosity following me into the looming doomsday landscape.

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