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The Spookiest Time of the Year

Hub of Harper

The leaves are rustling, the shutters are rattling, and the ghosts are whispering in your ear….

To get your hands on some spooky reads for the spookiest time of the year!

That wasn’t originally going to be a rhyme, but then it rhymed, so it’s a rhyme. Another thing that rhymes is ‘Ready for a cozy book-nook fright? – Get your copy of Things That Go Whoosh in the Night!’ I know, I’m just full of good rhymes today. Stop me before I keep going. Seriously, just follow the link and get your copy to appease the ghosts. DO IT FOR THE GHOSTS. They won’t stop whispering promotional poetry in my head until I reach my pre-order goals.

In case you couldn’t tell, I specifically planned the release of Things That Go Whoosh in the Night to coincide with Halloween. The book is a crossover between Victorian urban fantasy and…

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