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Killing Machine

Hub of Harper

I said I would post the opening paragraph for Things That Crawl Out of the Stardust last week, and I had every intention of doing so… I even typed it up and pasted it into a new post draft. Then I realized I didn’t like where the paragraph cut off as an excerpt, so I was going to tweak it and/or add a little before posting, and then time got away from me. I had my best friend’s 30th birthday party this week (it was 1920’s themed and awesome, because she was ‘roaring out of her 20’s, har har), and then we had family visiting from out of state on Sunday, including a cousin my husband grew up with whom I had never met, so all in all the weekend was a blur and there was zero time for writing.

Anywho, here’s the promised excerpt (un-edited, so bear that in…

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Things That Crawl Out of the Stardust

Hub of Harper

So! With Things That Go Whoosh in the Night completed, you can bet your little couch-potato reader butts that I’m already on to writing the sequel. I don’t think I’ve shared much about the sequel with you all yet, so it seemed like a good time to get the teasers rolling! The sequel will be called – and I’m totally in love with this both as a title in general and an awesomely cohesive sequel title, at that – Things That Crawl Out of the Stardust. It ties in perfectly with the first, and really captures that mix of darkness and enchantment that the Deathly Light books are all about.

Normally I wouldn’t share the cover with you yet, since I like to spread things out so I always have teaser content, but since I’m actually redoing the cover that I already had in order to match the revamped cover…

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