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Escape to Paradise – If You Dare

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The Savage Gardens saga is coming to a close. With Eden scheduled for release at the end of the year, now is a great time to start the adventure! Get Paradise, book 1, for $0.99. For those who prefer a preview, enjoy the prologue:


The needle glinted in the moonlight as she slid the syringe free of the bottleneck. Her hands shook, icy tatters of tide snaking up past her legs and heightening her coiled nerves. As the waves retreated they entrenched her deeper in the sand, a symbolic taunt that she belonged to this shore, that the harder she tried to escape the more this godforsaken place would tighten its tethers.

But the key was in her grasp.

Through the opaline lenses of her gas mask and against the sallow moonlight, the syringe serum took on a putrid, radioactive color. But all she saw was the answer…

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