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Things That Go Whoosh in the Night Blurb

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Hub of Harper

It’s in! The Things That Go Whoosh in the Night blurb. Might still do a final edit and tweak some minor things, but here’s the gist.


Reluctant Angel of Death.

The only girl who can see him.

A harrowing cat-and-mouse of intrigue, paranoia, and whirlwind romance.

Grypha Voden is holding down a normal life in the city, fostering a job as a successful artisan in the market district, sustaining meaningful friendships, and suppressing the age-old mania whispering in her head.

Until she encounters the mysterious and transfixing man who stalks the rain-battered streets without an umbrella, seemingly unhindered by the elements. And stranger than the man himself – the way he stops to stare at Grypha as if it is he who has seen a ghost.

When a string of deaths crops up everywhere Grypha encounters the figure, she begins to suspect she has witnessed the face of a…

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