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Pillars of the Deep Preorder

Hub of Harper

It’s here! About a year ago I started the long journey that comes with writing a book for a boxed set, and many of you probably remember the promotional campaign for Sirens and Scales that flooded my social media until about February of this year. Well, the boxed set has finally run its course and I’ve gotten back the rights to my book, Pillars of the Deep. So here we go with its solo release!

The ebook is now available for preorder, and the paperback should follow just as soon as the proof copy arrives in my mail box and I have a chance to look it over and hit the ‘approve’ button.

I know many have probably already bought the boxed set, so I’m not expecting huge numbers on my sales report for this one, but I am aiming for 100 preorders, so help an author out

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Escape to Paradise – If You Dare

Hub of Harper

The Savage Gardens saga is coming to a close. With Eden scheduled for release at the end of the year, now is a great time to start the adventure! Get Paradise, book 1, for $0.99. For those who prefer a preview, enjoy the prologue:


The needle glinted in the moonlight as she slid the syringe free of the bottleneck. Her hands shook, icy tatters of tide snaking up past her legs and heightening her coiled nerves. As the waves retreated they entrenched her deeper in the sand, a symbolic taunt that she belonged to this shore, that the harder she tried to escape the more this godforsaken place would tighten its tethers.

But the key was in her grasp.

Through the opaline lenses of her gas mask and against the sallow moonlight, the syringe serum took on a putrid, radioactive color. But all she saw was the answer…

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Things That Go Whoosh in the Night Blurb

Hub of Harper

It’s in! The Things That Go Whoosh in the Night blurb. Might still do a final edit and tweak some minor things, but here’s the gist.


Reluctant Angel of Death.

The only girl who can see him.

A harrowing cat-and-mouse of intrigue, paranoia, and whirlwind romance.

Grypha Voden is holding down a normal life in the city, fostering a job as a successful artisan in the market district, sustaining meaningful friendships, and suppressing the age-old mania whispering in her head.

Until she encounters the mysterious and transfixing man who stalks the rain-battered streets without an umbrella, seemingly unhindered by the elements. And stranger than the man himself – the way he stops to stare at Grypha as if it is he who has seen a ghost.

When a string of deaths crops up everywhere Grypha encounters the figure, she begins to suspect she has witnessed the face of a…

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Reluctant Angel of Death

Hub of Harper

It begins! I have started working the blurb for Things That Go Whoosh in the Night. I’ve been dreading writing this blurb, just feeling like I don’t know where to start, what to include without giving too much away, making sure I capture a very specific feel… But it just so happens that today, I was hit at random with the opening line I wanted to use, and it all started falling into place from there. It isn’t finished yet, but I’m very pleased with what I have, so I decided to make a teaser with the opening lines!

Update on writing progress: I’m up to 50k words, which was my original goal for this first installment in the A Deathly Light duet, but based on where I am in the story, I anticipate another 10k words before it’s finished. I’m writing an average of about 1k words a…

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