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Did You Feed Her to the Sharks?

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Hub of Harper

Great, inking Abyss, if I couldn’t have kissed him right then and there, just to taste that cotton-candy memory in the crumbling stardust grottos of the deep.


A micro excerpt (above) from my current WIP Pillars of the Deep – and in case that wasn’t enough, another lengthier excerpt to tease you even more:


I hung back when I heard voices, heated and sharp. They were male, the baritone nuances vibrating through the water like soft-twanging drums. One of them was recognizable as Coda, but who was he arguing with, and about what? Curiosity getting the better of me, I peeked around the corner, peering down the deep-sea corridor. Ripples of aqua glimmered over the burnished bronze details of the ornate hallway architecture, glancing across tarnished candelabra torches that hung long-dormant on the walls and the decorative archway ribbing that lined the passage every few meters.

I caught…

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