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Dragon Shield Ancient Tome 3-Ring Binders!

Binder 50

I just had to make a post about this delightful ancient-tome themed 3-ring binder I just designed. I’m always coming up with new designs, but sometimes one stands out, and this one demanded a moment in the spotlight. Pretty cool, right? I’m ordering one right away so I can start work on my long-awaited Slayer’s Child quartet of books, a charming and adventurous series about dragons I’ve been planning for literally a decade. I’m so excited! But this binder isn’t just for me. You can get yours here:

Purchase this awesome binder for yourself and your own epic writerly adventures.

They make great gifts for writers (or anyone, really), and every purchase obviously supports me as a writer and designer. Be sure to check out all the other binders and notebooks in my shop as well 🙂 http://www.zazzle.com/noveltiez


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Those Random Hilarious Scenes You Plan

It’s one of those nights where a random hilarious scene for a book has come to me, so I’m scribbling down ideas that have no place to go yet and really aren’t relevant to anything else in the book (except making the characters in question more human and endearing), and if I’m being honest it’s really one of my favorite parts of writing a book.

The scene isn’t written as it would be read in the actual book – it’s just the idea for the scene itself – but I’ll include it here for you anyway, so you can see what I’m talking about (and if you’re an author, you’ve probably jotted down similar things, and have half a million of these papers lying around in a terribly erratic disarray around the house).

Scene Idea:

Fentris and a fellow young chap are eating at a camp where the cook is a cute girl, and they want an excuse to talk to her, so the other guy says something like, “We need an excuse to talk to the chef. We could pretend the food is awful. We could hate the soup.” Fentris says: “We could never hate the soup. We could maybe hate a kabob.” And holds up a kabob.

Just thought I’d share 🙂

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Deadly Lush Update

Okay. Here’s the beginning-of-the-year update. I’ve been stuck on Wonderland for quite some time. Partly because I didn’t like how the current scene was fitting into the timeline (but it’s a crucial scene and there’s nowhere else to put it), and partly because I got some amazing new ideas that completely contradict with already-existing amazing ideas. I didn’t know what to do. No solutions seemed keen on presenting themselves. Month after month after month.

Until the idea of a third book trickled in. I resisted, because I’m really trying to not go off on whole long series all the time. If I do, I get far too side-tracked from all of the other stand-alone book ideas piling up on my to-write shelf. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how perfectly a third book solves all of the problems I’m having with the second book’s plot and pacing. It just won’t be denied, and so – yes, there is going to be a third book after Wonderland. I can’t say I’m that upset, really, because from the beginning I thought it would be perfect to have a Paradise, Wonderland, and Eden, but I had no ideas or desire for a third book. But it seems it was meant to be, so now Eden will see the light of day! I’m definitely not upset that I have to come up with another gorgeous cover to match the first two. They were so much fun, and I still can’t get enough of looking at them.

So that’s where I’m at right now. The Deadly Lush books are going to be a trilogy. As soon as I let the third book into the picture, ideas for finishing the second book came pouring in. I have everything outlined and I’m excited about the whole thing again, so here’s hoping I can spew out a ton of words over the next month! I just custom-designed some notebooks and 3-ring binders from Zazzle to reflect the atmosphere of the series, and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival in the mail so I can fill them up with the rest of the story!

I also custom-designed a new coffee mug, so I’m all set to get back to being a serious writer. Here’s hoping 2016 is more fruitful than 2015. I can do this!

Oh, AND I think I’m going to get Paradise re-edited while I finish Wonderland.