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Big Changes for 2016

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I have five major announcements going into 2016. Four of them fantastic and exciting – one of them guilty and resigned. Let’s start first with the guilty resignation:

After tremendous thought, deliberation, and consternation, I have decided – FOR THE TIME BEING – to un-publish the Breathtaker and Whisper series. Given my schedule constraints, feedback on both series, competing projects, and the general rule that sometimes you have to make sacrifices in life, it’s really the only appropriate decision. Both of these series were started very experimentally, published hastily to test the waters and maybe make a few bucks, and as such neither of them ever got the full attention, development, or editing that they needed or deserve. I’ve left them up because I didn’t want to accept defeat, and there are those one or two fans eagerly awaiting the next installments of the series, but I can’t help but cringe every time somebody new buys them and I know they won’t be reading the version of the story I want them to read. And I simply have NOT been able to get my head around finishing the sequels when I plan on re-writing the existing books anyway. So, in order to clear the competing chaos in my head so I can actually focus enough to get SOMETHING written and start clearing my to-do list for a much more productive near-future of writing, I have chosen these series to put temporarily out of my mind. I WILL return to them, at some point, and give them the polish and glory they deserve, but for now I have to fine-tune my focus and proceed with a logical career strategy. I’m confident that, overall, my fans will thank me for it. Nobody likes a writer with half a million unfinished series, who only ever starts new ones instead of finishing old ones.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the exciting stuff! As my second announcement, I am pleased to shout to the world that I have finally prioritized my life a little better and have successfully implemented ample writing time back into my schedule. I’ve been talking about doing this forever, and this time I actually ensured the reality. And I waited until I’d successfully established a regular schedule of writing again before announcing that yes, in fact, this time it’s really happening. I’ve been writing up a storm for the past two weeks, and won’t be letting anything get in the way. There may be small set backs, but this will be a year of writing.

So, what am I working ON? That brings me to my third announcement, which I’ve sort of already talked a little bit about in recent posts, but it’s officially on track: Paradise is with its new editor, scheduled to be back in my hands so I can apply the new edits and re-release it by mid-February or early March. While it’s at the editor, I’ve been hard at work finishing up the sequel, Wonderland. In two weeks I’ve added over 10k words, bringing me to the final 10k stretch. At this rate, I see no reason why it won’t be done by the time I get Paradise back from the editor, and also no reason why it can’t be released immediately following the re-release of Paradise. I’ve decided to add a third book to the series, which extends the overall conclusion of the series, but I finally have a good feel for the characters and the world, and I’ve got a good rhythm going, so I feel good about getting the whole thing wrapped up this year.

The fourth announcement is my other side project. I always allow myself to work on two things at once, so I don’t get burnt out on either. So my second project is re-editing my huge standalone novel A Mischief in the Woodwork and re-releasing it in three shorter parts, as a fresh new trilogy. I’ve always had a special love for this book, but it’s just so big, and since it was written years ago at this point, and my writing has grown and developed a lot over the past couple years, I think releasing it as a polished new trilogy is just what it needs to truly shine. Also, it has allowed me to come up with three AMAZINGLY AWESOME new book titles (if you know me, you know naming books and series is one of my all-time favorite things to do), and three AMAZINGLY AWESOME new book covers – my other all-time favorite thing to devise. I’ll be following this post up shortly with one detailing the new names and covers, and probably release dates. I’m about a fifth of the way through edits, and hope to have those done by the end of the month.

Last but not least, the fifth announcement is in regards to what I plan to work on NEXT. This is a particularly exciting announcement, because I’ve decided to work on the Slayer’s Child quartet, which, if you’d known me personally all my life, you’d know I’ve been planning with a child’s enthusiasm for OVER TEN YEARS. This was essentially my original fantasy series, which fell by the wayside to a million other ideas but, as a result, has been allowed to germinate and has accumulated HUNDREDS of ideas and developmental tidbits throughout the years. I can only imagine how much fun it’s going to be to finally get down to business and give it life at long last.

I’ll most likely be finishing up the next Ace book (close to being finished already) and focusing on that series simultaneously with the Slayer’s Child series, as my two alternating projects this summer. With any luck, I’ll also have time to start/finish a couple standalones or novellas in there as well. Perhaps A Deathly Light or Shattering Dormant. We’ll see. I don’t want to get too bogged-down in what I’m planning next, or it’ll ruin all the clearing-out I’ve done of old stuff so I can focus on CURRENT stuff.

But the main thing is, I’m back at it, and I’m loving it, and I have a new editor and feel like a new, official author again, and THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR.

Here’s to thousands, and thousands, and thousands of new words, that have been pent-up for too long.


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