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Fresh Edits and Halfway Milestones

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Today is a good day. I have two announcements which reflect that I’m doing January right so far. Announcment #1 – the Paradise manuscript is off to its new editor, which will hopefully bring great and necessary things to the series. Announcement #2 – the Wonderland manuscript, which I’ve been working on for far too long, has finally surpassed the halfway mark! Possibly even more than the halfway mark, because I’m planning on it being a bit shorter than Paradise. (Who knows, though – when Paradise comes back from the editor, I may end up cutting half of it out. Okay, probably not half, but some.) Still, I plan on Wonderland being shorter than Paradise was initially, so I’m on the downward slope now for sure. And yesterday night I got to writing so fast that my hand was cramping, which is always a good sign. Inspiration like that used to be the norm, and now I long for the rare break-throughs that get me that excited. Ah, to always be that engrossed in the world and story, that wrapped up in the characters’ lives and emotions.

Here is an excerpt from last night’s progress on Wonderland:

Leeches, Shiloh thought in dismay at the sight that greeted her deeper in the woods. I wanted LEECHES.
Not hummingbirds.
Through a ruinous arch, she had come upon the explosion of red flowers. And buzzing about the wild crimson garden were dozens of the little winged creatures, their ruby throats dark and matted as if stained by the blood they drank rather than the shimmer of natural beauty.
Beady eyes darted in her direction, little gazes black as drops of ink. For a crazed moment, Shiloh actually considered their thirst as a possible means for purging the toxin from her veins. But something about the keen way they eyed her, wings revving to a daunting crescendo like an army syncing up to attack, reminded her she was far too often entertained by stupid ideas.

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