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Gimping Along

Wonderland is so so close to being halfway done! That’s super exciting except that it should have been done months ago. (I regularly ask myself, these days, when is it time to accept you’re never going to ‘get back into writing’ with as much focus as you intend and promise your fans?) Well, I’m not ready to accept that yet, but at this point in life it is a reality to contend with. There. I said it. I do not have the luxury of writing as much as I keep saying I will. But I am gimping along. Today I did 220 words. Pathetic, but it got me onto the next page.

It isn’t just time impeding my progress. This scene is proving super difficult. It’s a really significant scene, detailing a semi-climax in the plot that I don’t want to rush, or it’ll be over too quickly after all the anticipation. But now I’m stuck in the ‘leading-up-to-the-BIG-MOMENT’ stage, and I don’t know when to deliver it, so the scene is just dragging on and on. I’ll probably end up having to edit out a lot of this preparatory fluff, but in the meantime it just seems too sudden to make this BIG THING happen, just like that. I just somehow thought this semi-climax would be in the future awhile longer, and I’m not handling it well that it wants to be placed HERE in the chain of events, even though it is the ideal spot when you lay everything out and look at the whole picture logically. It has to happen now for the rest of the story to flow, but – UGH. TOO SOON! I feel like readers won’t expect it to happen this soon, but there’s nothing else for it.

So my solution is to write zero words a day until it magically works itself out, which it hasn’t seemed keen on doing. Guess I’ll have to use my own thought power to muddle through this one. Here’s to ten more words! Maybe it’ll sort itself out in ten more words…

Wishful thinking?

Maybe I can manage 20…