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5k Words a Day? Challenge Accepted

So, The Creative Writer’s Handybook is now available for sale (get it here!). I ran a free promotion upon its release, and it rose to a pretty decent rank in the ‘freebie’ category. While browsing its contenders, I ran across a book called…well, I actually don’t remember its exact title, but it was akin to ‘Write 5k Words a Day’. It had pretty good reviews, various authors claiming it actually did help them vastly improve their word count and writing speed. I didn’t buy the book, though I was tempted to, but I did think to myself – if a book can explain to people how to write 5k words a day, and there’s a method out there that’s actually working for them, it’s nothing I can’t figure out on my own, or, at the very least, I can figure out how to write half that a day. I mean, right? There are only so many things you can do to increase writing speed. It can’t be rocket science. And maybe the author really has stumbled upon some unusual formula, some unique combination of things that tends to spark the creative juices or productivity rate more than other combinations of things, and it’s a combination people don’t try, in general, but I like to think I’m a resourceful enough person that I can at least figure out something half as good on my own. The reviews were all talking about how it’s all about ‘efficiency’, and if that’s the case…I just don’t feel like I need a 100+ page book to explain to me how to be efficient. But kudos to the author for penning something that’s making him/her money, and does seem to be helping other authors! Who knows, I may cave out of curiosity and buy the book anyway. But in the meantime, I feel like I have less of an excuse not to get back in the saddle myself and write at LEAST two thousand words today, all from my own stinking determination, whatever that’s worth. Wish me luck!