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Shakespearean Insults

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Today, I got into Thesaurus.com to help me with some synonyms in my writing, and what do I see on the front page but a banner proclaiming ‘YOU CANKER-BLOSSOM!’, labeled ‘3 Shakespearean Insults’.

It gave me a chuckle, and I thought – what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than coming up with other, equally hilarious insults? Not necessarily Shakespearean, but just as fun to employ in a tirade.

Such as…

You Bumble-Quack!

You Pansy-Turd!

You Drivel-Twit!

You Blubbering Bumpkin!

You Crumb-Curdled Crumpet!

You Buck-Toothed Baboon!

You Pork-Faced Ninny!

You Lack-luster Handkerchief!

You Scum-eating Scoundrel!

You Glorious Gargoyle!

You Sniveling-Snooty!

You Moth-Eaten-Pansy!

You Crumb-Licking Loony!

And, on that note, I feel inspired to write the story that includes the character who spouts all these things. I thought about referencing this list now and then whenever I need an insult in a less-than-totally-serious story, but why settle for just one here and there? After all, what could be better than a character whose claim to fame is always throwing some new ridiculous insult at someone, and including them ALL IN ONE BOOK? It would definitely be good for a laugh.

What hilarious insults can YOU come up with?


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