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Becoming Savages – Wonderland Excerpt

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You came to Paradise hoping for deliverance,” Jayx continued. “Hoping for Utopia. And it’s here, all around – a lush, flourishing landscape that we should be able to thrive in. And it can be your home – but only if you want it badly enough to take it. You can have the peace and prosperity you came for, but only if you fight for it, more fiercely than any have before you. There will be no peace without a war. You will taste blood as surely as you will taste the fruit of this land. And you will learn to love it, to drink it as surely as wine, or this place will devour you. Or it will be your blood that Paradise drinks.”

His gaze shifted from one refugee, to the next, to the next, gauging their attention to what he was drilling into them. His face was…

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