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Belated Sequels – Let’s Try This Again

What can I say… I always have such grand plans of tackling much-belated sequels and wrapping up half a dozen poor, left-hanging series, and then this beast called life gets in the way, and as the pressure of getting these sequels done builds, the less I want to sit down and write them. I don’t work well under pressure, people. And life really HAS gotten in the way, lately. As in, some MAJOR LIFE THINGS have been happening, that you really can’t work around. The most recent diversions include… My one and only sister getting married (we did most everything ourselves, which was so much fun, but as you can imagine took up not only all the extra time in a day, but all the creative juices as well; center pieces and all their various related counterparts don’t design themselves). So, that was a major thing. It was beautiful, it was wonderful, and heaving a happy sigh of relief in its wake flowed right into an unexpected whirlwind of packing up my own life to move before I ever got across the room to the desk to sit down and write again. Yes, now I’m moving. An easy move, as moves go, but still a matter of displacing myself, my belongings, and my sanity temporarily.

BUT, and this is a major, exciting ‘but’, the move is a wonderful, strategic happenstance that will improve my financial situation tremendously, meaning I will actually be in the position I’ve been dreaming of for years now, and that is a position in which I can relax, cut my work hours a bit to actually dedicate half my time to writing, and… Spend my days writing!

Without the various pressures and time-constraints that have been hampering my creative juices by the end of the day, I expect to open the valve to novels flowing out right and left once again, as they were doing SO EFFORTLESSLY WHEN I STARTED ALL THESE SERIES… I promise, it was never my intention or my anticipation that halfway through all these on-going, cliff-hanger storylines, the pipes would clog and there would be no means to get a plumber out for…literally years. Nobody plans on getting that backed up, trust me.

So in light of the new life changes, I’m making a to-do list. That is definitely the first step to keep me on track once I get back ON track. On that to-do list:

Finish the last few chapters of the 3rd Ace book, and publish the rotting thing (it’s just been sitting there, almost finished, turning into a moth-eaten antique).

Go to the stinking beach this summer (5 minutes away) for inspiration for the 4th and final Breathtaker book and don’t come back until it’s written itself. Use the sunburn potential as motivation.

As part of shaping the last Breathtaker book, go back and edit the first three to better reflect all the suggestions in the 3-star reviews that say ‘so close; great idea but poorly executed; I almost loved this book; etc’

Re-edit Whisper, so I can finally write the sequel without worrying I’ll just have to go back and rewrite them both.

And… At that point, the to-do list will pretty much consist of working on one Ace book, and one new book idea simultaneously, until the Ace series is wrapped up completely. I will be so happy to finally get these belated items out of the way, because there are so many new, exciting ideas in the works. As many of you probably know, I recently did publish a new book – Paradise – which I allowed myself to write instead of working on sequels because it was written as a birthday present for my Prince Charming, and, well… Basically I just allowed myself to make it a priority. The sequel to that is well underway, and should be a breeze to finish up while I’m organizing a starting-point for the above to-do list.

Phew. I’ve written a whole book just writing this post. But there you have it. The plan of action, once again. Wish me luck!

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Becoming Savages – Wonderland Excerpt


You came to Paradise hoping for deliverance,” Jayx continued. “Hoping for Utopia. And it’s here, all around – a lush, flourishing landscape that we should be able to thrive in. And it can be your home – but only if you want it badly enough to take it. You can have the peace and prosperity you came for, but only if you fight for it, more fiercely than any have before you. There will be no peace without a war. You will taste blood as surely as you will taste the fruit of this land. And you will learn to love it, to drink it as surely as wine, or this place will devour you. Or it will be your blood that Paradise drinks.”

His gaze shifted from one refugee, to the next, to the next, gauging their attention to what he was drilling into them. His face was…

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