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Some Exciting New Stats

In just a matter of days, the new blog I set up specifically for my upcoming Paradise series has 35% of the number of followers I’ve accrued on this, my main blog, over the course of 2+ years. Conclusion? I should give up my general author identity and tie all of my books into the Paradise world,  and use the Paradise blog as my new headquarters.

I’m not going to do that, but hey. I’m thrilled to see the appeal the series seems to be generating. Hopefully that carries over to after the books are actually published!

Check out the new blog: paradiseseries.wordpress.com

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‘Don’t Look Back’: Excerpt and Promo

One of the promo posters I just made for ‘Paradise’, and the accompanying excerpt to go with it:

Paradise Promo 1

The slash of a branch against the girl’s cheek as she ran. Petals falling silently from the trees like flakes of ash. The lurch of the world as she stumbled.

The rasp of breath in the tranquility.

The warm, wet thud of her heart in her throat.

The musky smell of her fear piercing the heady pollens and nectars that saturated the air.

Run. Faster. Don’t look back.

Ducking under bows draped with frilly moss. Jerking free of the lacy tangle that reached after her like tentacles.

Through a clearing of dusky wildflowers.

Into a maze of mossy tree-trunks, the canopy above a-twitter with birds of twilight.

Don’t look back.

The wet crash as she cut through a glade of floating cherry blossoms. Panting as she dragged herself up the opposite bank.

Through the dormant grove of gray-limbed mystery trees. Sparrows scattering like bats dispersing from the nooks and crannies of the world.

The flutter of wings swallowed into the sky, and the eerie silence of abandoned ruins that fell over the grove.

Silence was good. Silence was golden.

No feet close behind her.

Under the low-hanging barren branches. Try not to startle at the skeletal entities that flashed by. Trees more frightening than scarecrows.

If only crows were what chased her…

Don’t look back.

Billowy pockets of mist. Sweet-smelling and tinted with soft color. The faintest of lavenders.

Swallowed into the haze. Slower pace, hands outstretched to feel the way.

Leafy branches giving way to her probing. Ripe, heavy apples bobbing in her wake.

Mist parting like tattered curtains.

Run. Faster.

Ahead was the bridge. She just had to make it to the bridge.

Open ground. Tripping feet. Heartbeat spiking to a crescendo. The pit of her stomach tightening like a snake around its prey.

Just focus on the bridge. Don’t. Look. Back.

Blurring steps.

Pock-marked vision.

The sweet sting of mist still in her nostrils, drug-like, making her stumble.

Don’t look back.

Don’t look back…

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A Storm on the Horizon… (Excerpt)


Her breath went still inside her mask, her fingers hovering over the clasps.

Where had the clear skies of moments before gone? The smooth sailing into the blessed waters of her future? Where were the soft pastels of harmony and enchantment that made you want to run to the horizon just to taste the sky?

Like a stampede of restless horses kicking up charcoal dust, the storm was amassing itself as if for war, making ready to gallop headlong across the sea.

Shiloh heard the thunder of hooves as the mass charged forward, a distant drum that cracked the water like ice as it churned toward the East.

Toward the East, and the lonely form of The Scarecrow, where Shiloh’s unsuspecting vessel etched a tranquil V in the waters of its wake.

The road to Paradise is riddled with turmoil. Be careful what you wish for.

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