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“Hello?…Is Anybody Out There?”…



Is anybody out there?

I can hear my voice echo in the silence, skipping down the ghost-town streets like a rock skipped over water.

But there is no water, of course. It’s barren here. Everything fallen into the cracks of the dry ground.

‘Here’ being this blog. Oh, you thought you were reading an excerpt from one of my books? Ha. I wish. Because then you’d actually be reading this. And I suspect that you’re not. That I’m talking to nobody. I’ve run into a strange phenomenon, here on this blog. Post after post, these days, seems to go straight into some persnickety Abyss intent on sabotaging my connection to the readers I once had. Maybe they’re just not interested in what I have to say, anymore. Maybe I’m not interesting.

Except…I can post the exact same thing on another blog, and it gets hits, and likes, and comments. I’ve started running experiments, and, sure enough, without fail, my posts get noticed elsewhere (still on WordPress, mind you, just under other blog names). Just not here, on Harperpages.

Is Harperpages cursed? Well, I don’t believe in such things, but it is strangely like clockwork. And I’m not sure what to do about it. Abandon my main headquarters? That’s…kind of out of the question.

But I’d rather post excerpts where they’re actually going to get read. I’d rather post news where someone is actually going to notice. I’d rather share exciting tidbits where people are actually going to get excited about them.

But, I mean, really? It’s the same stuff, people. Can’t you humor me and rave over ‘Chapter 1’ of my latest book here, instead of on my cooking blog?!

I don’t actually have a cooking blog.

But the principle remains.

Since I don’t believe in curses, I’m going to stop this rant now and stubbornly keep posting to this blog, as I always have, and wait for the wayward readers to find their way back. They will. They have to. It’s the same stuff they’re liking elsewhere. They’re just in their rebellious teenage phase. Yes, that must be it. They just don’t want to be seen with me, because I’m the mother, and it’s embarrassing. Everybody loves Mom, but they’ll never admit it.

So they show their affection in secret. Where nobody will ever be able to make the connection.

But hey. If my cooking blog becomes famous for my book excerpts, who am I to complain? I’ll go down in history as the famous author with a cooking blog as the hub of her literary empire. Why not? As Hayden Christensen once said, as smolderingly-awkward Anakin Skywalker smirking at the Uber-Famous Natalie Portman as I will someday, “Well?…If it works?”


6 thoughts on ““Hello?…Is Anybody Out There?”…

  1. I’ve noticed a bit of a downward trend in activity on my blog, too. I think these things are just cyclical. Hopefully things pick up soon!

  2. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how many people actually read mine. Not many are subscribed, but I still get some views on my blogs on Blogger (http://jennifercocoafulk.blogspot.com/). It’s been making me feel uncomfortable to think that it was simply because I’m not interesting enough, but now I see it’s not the case. It might also be simply because it’s Blogger and not something highly-populated like Tumblr, but I like what I have on Blogger because I feel less distracted by other blogs. I’ll have to put these things into deeper consideration.

    • I’ve considered trying blogspot (Blogger? Is that what it’s actually called?). I’d just always loved the way WordPress was set up, and how familiar I was with the platform, etc. But it may be beneficial to try other platforms. So much to think about. And, frankly, not the time to think about it.

  3. Hahaha I just now realized that we bear a similar profile pic! We’re profile pic buddies! My mom wanted me to do a librarian look because I was wearing my badge at the time. (As a side job to writing, I’m also a Youth Services Library Page.) But I might change my profile pic soon anyway, just because I tend to get tired of the same old me. Wish you the best in blogging!

    • We do indeed! I’d been made-up for a play I was in at the time, and figured it was a good time to borrow someone’s glasses and do a dramatic author photoshoot. Too much fun 🙂

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