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A Knock at the Fortress Door

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Today’s excerpt, from my progress on Queen of Spades (making good headway now, folks! I promise!)


Then, one day during what must have been my third week at my new headquarters, I was headed back to my room after a game with the Royals when a knock came at the grand doors of the fortress.

It stopped me in my tracks, because I had known when I came to that threshold how rare a thing it was. I remembered my impression of those doors – that visitors didn’t just come knocking at them. So the significance of the knock rang through me as it echoed down the halls. I stood in the ripples of it for a moment, and then I turned.

Down the hall, the other Royals looked as bemused as I where they had exited the playing room.

Slowly, Lady Cardelia glided forward, approaching the erstwhile neglected doors. And I couldn’t help it – I inched forward too, curious.

Who came knocking at a door in the sky?

Composed, Lady Cardelia reached for the handle, letting her fingers linger ever so momentarily before pulling open the slab.

Wintry light cracked into the hall, illuminating the dust in the air like fine snowflakes.

And as the door swung wider, yawning its hibernating maw to inhale the outside world, who stood there but Damien.

My dirty rotten Cheater.


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