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Queen of Spades – Tentative Release Date

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I was looking back at when I released the second Ace book, Ace of Hearts. and I must admit even I was a little horrified to see that it’s been TWO YEARS. Two years that fans (if there still are any out there) have been waiting for the next book in the series to come out. How did this happen? Partly, I know, time has gotten away for me simply because a lot has happened in the last two years. Changing jobs twice, launching a business, moving, releasing other promised sequels, etc. But even I have to admit I didn’t realize it had been THAT LONG.

Worse, the first book was released two years before THAT (I think. I’m too lazy to actually get out of this chair and check, or even look it up online, but I’m pretty sure). I have been working on this series for FOUR YEARS, and only have two books to show for it. And I realize I just can’t blame any of you who have started the series and given up on ever finishing, because I write the books at the pace of a snail on sedatives.

HOWEVER: if you do happen to still be with me, or are just starting the series now, or finishing book two now, I HAVE GOOD NEWS! Life is less crazy at this point, and due to having an actual writing schedule now, I am writing at a much more respectable pace. Queen of Spades (the third book in the series) is well under way, and I’m scribbling away at it like mad.

I also plan to move right onto the next book in the series after finishing this one, so there won’t be a noticeable (or by any means painful) wait.

As for this third book in the series, which is the most important right now, I’m setting a tentative release date of May 31st. I really, REALLY want to get it out before summer, just because it’s getting ridiculous at this point, so I’m hoping to either stick to this release date or get it out there even sooner.

That’s only a month to spew out almost 50,000 more words, though, and edit them, so in the interest of not failing even more miserably than I already have, I’d better cut this blog post short (ha), and get back to writing.


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