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When You Remember Your Indie Book Isn’t a Major Motion Picture

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I know I’m not the only one who gets so pumped about the story I’m writing that I sometimes get caught up in the idea that it’s this epic thing , that everyone and his uncle are stoked and raving about it along with me. Like it’s already a major motion picture, complete with the posters and movie trailers, the global buzz and raving fans, the awesome soundtrack, the acclaimed cast, the male lead that makes girls swoon all around the world…

Sometimes I have to rein myself in and remind myself I may be blowing things a liiiitle out of proportion. That I am an indie author with half a first draft, and I may be setting myself up for a bit of disappointment if I’m treating this project like Hollywood is in the cards.

And then I remind myself that I shouldn’t limit myself, either. That I should always write with the passion of one who feels their story could be the Next Big Thing. It may only ever end up being MY next big thing, the story playing across the huge screens of my imagination, the movie trailers stuck on repeat in my head, the posters splashed across my walls, the male lead making ME swoon… But nothing is worth writing, if you aren’t that passionate about it. If YOU don’t feel, on a personal level, that it’s the next big thing. Or that it should be.

Even if it never gets to Hollywood, that one fan that leaves a glowing 5* review saying the story TRANSCENDED THEIR WORLD will make you feel like you’re the sensation you always imagined yourself to be. And on some level, you will be. Being a sensation to one person unlocks the same magic as being a sensation to the masses. On a smaller scale, maybe, but it’s the same magic. And you realize it doesn’t matter so much how big your audience is so long as someone came away with the earth-shattering effect you were going for. The same thing you felt when you were writing the story. Just knowing you have shared that with the world, on whatever level, validates the impact of your story. It doesn’t matter if you have the attention of the masses. If one person thinks it’s epic, it is.

And, who knows; I’m not ruling out Holywood so easily. A girl can dream – and she must, if she’s worth anything as a creative soul.


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