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Upcoming Book Release Schedule

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For those awaiting sequels and anticipating new projects, I wanted to give you the run-down on what the upcoming book-release schedule looks like. These things jump around a bit, but there are definitely a few books I know I need to focus on getting out there, so here are the plans as they currently stand:

I have gotten a good start on the next Ace book, Queen of Spades, and intend to iron out some details this weekend and get back into making progress on that front so it can be done by Summer, or shortly thereafter.

I haven’t yet started the fourth and final book in the Breathtaker saga, Breathless, but I’m collecting ideas and plan to focus on that one this Summer, since it’s a summery sort of a book. So you can expect that one by Summer’s end, or thereabouts.

My new project, Starless, (or old project? It’s been in the works for something like a decade) is well underway and I expect to have it ‘finished’ by Summer. However, this one I’m more serious about (it isn’t just a ‘practice’ book, or one I’m cranking out purely for fun), and so I plan to put it through a more extensive round of edits, beta reading, etc,  before its release. (Don’t get me wrong, it IS completely fun for me to write – maybe even more-so than others I did ‘just for fun’, but it’s one I’m really passionate about, and I want it to shine as a well-rounded, respectable piece of work.) In other words, this is one I’m more excited to develop as the ‘masterpiece’ I feel it could be, so it’s getting some serious devotion. I can’t really predict when its actual release will be, but sometime this year for sure.

With the Breathaker series wrapped up by Summer’s end, I expect to be able to jump more seriously into finishing up the Ace series. I know, it’s high time. I’ve partly avoided it because I myself kind of don’t want the series to ever end, but I know that’s not doing anything for my readers. Heh. Sorry, guys!

So there you have it. Big plans for this year. It’s a tall order for sure, especially given that I’m also focused on developing another business I run (which actually pays my bills), and planning on moving at the end of the Summer. But I get a lot done when I actually set word-count quotas and deadlines and such, so with any luck this schedule isn’t too unrealistic!

Thanks to my readers for being patient, and if you don’t happen to be waiting very patiently – thanks for reading anyway 🙂 I promise not to work on multiple series at the same time in the future.


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