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At Least I’m Good at Causing Disagreement

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Well, I’ve done it again, folks. Produced a book that leaves people split down the middle. I am neither complaining nor rejoicing, but simply acknowledging with a bit of amusement, at this point, that I seem to only be able to write books that invoke a 5* review from one person, and then a 2*review immediately from the next.

The book we’re talking about today is Lifebreath, the sequel to Breathtaker. Personally I don’t have issue with either of the reviewers’ opinions, because I kind of agree with both. I myself both liked and disliked the book.

It is a little frustrating, just because it’s ridiculous that the consensus is so torn and it doesn’t help me know how to grow as a writer (which IS something I want to do, regardless of where I stand now), but oh well.

One day there might be some consistency, and then I can get a better feel for things. In the meantime, I’m just going to do the best I can with this new project. And it is one I love more than a lot of my recent books, so I’m hoping that passion and attention to detail will show through and pay off.

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