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Starless – Coming to Life!

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One thing I really love about being an artist and a writer is that when I start writing a new book, I can create imagery to bring aspects of the story to life. This comes in handy chiefly when it comes to making my own book covers, but it always turns into so much more on my end, as well. Scenery for the world, character profiles, excessive posters and backgrounds, etc.

I got so excited about starting work on my new venture Starless, last night, that I paused writing to start making the cover for the book, even though I’m only 3 chapters in. That led to two separate cover options, which I’m having trouble deciding between. And then THAT led to creating promotional banners (as you can see from above).

I’m really excited to share all of these visual pieces of the book, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself and use up all the hype in the early stages of writing the book. So, for now, I just wanted to share this banner with you, since I am putting it up on my blog to get an early start on promotion. I will go as far as to say that I took pieces of the cover and used them to make the banner, so the cover does look something like this. But I’ll leave you with that teaser until a later point in the process of finishing the book.

Back to writing!

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