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Now that Deep Breather is complete, I will be working on (yes, the fourth book in the Breathtaker series, but also…) an exciting new darling called Starless!

I plan to finish up the next Ace book as well, but it’s been taking more brainstorming than anticipated, so we’ll see how that develops over the next couple months.

As for Starless, it takes place in a really neat Dystopian setting like you’ve never seen before, and it centers around some pretty high-concept ideas having to do with destiny and free will and the apocalypse being written in the stars. And a main character who, maybe, happens to not have a destiny. That whole ‘Chosen One’ theme is so overdone, I feel, that I wanted to go for more of a ‘wild card’ approach, while achieving the same, epic, ‘you’re the one who can change everything’ concept.

So there you have it – what’s brewing on the agenda! I feel like a lot of what I’ve written in the past has really been about practice and finding my voice as a writer, and I’m finally taking the leap to the real deal. Who’s to say if it will be a masterpiece, exactly, but that is more the goal this time around.

Here we go!


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