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Deep Breather Wrap Cover

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Deep Breather Wrap Cover

And we’ve got another beauty, ladies and gents. I mean, if I do say so myself. I never feel like it’s bragging when I go on about how pretty these covers are, because the elements I’m working with just naturally create AMAZING results. The blue, the water, the mystical Atlantis-like lore… It just can’t help but equal gorgeously awesome.

Really, it’s like there’s real Atlantian magic weaving itself into these covers. Whenever I get one finished up, I look at it and think ‘why isn’t every book I ever write about Atlantis?’. It’s such a great subject to work with.

Anyway! The point of this post is that I’ve gotten the wrap cover for Deep Breather wrapped up (pun intended), and it’s all ready for it’s release in both ebook and paperback now. So, on to the actual release of the thing!

But enjoy this eye candy in the meantime:

Deep Breather Wrap Cover


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