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Deep Breather Blurb

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I was too excited to really dive into edits after finishing Deep Breather yesterday, but I wanted to keep  the ball rolling, so I went ahead and wrote the blurb. I may edit it still, but here’s the gist!


The hunt raging against the Breathtakers has taken a dramatic turn, resulting in Breya’s capture. The cruelty that she endures at the hands of the Sharks echoes in those she has bonded her life-force to, thanks to the act of sharing the tide of her breathing with them.

This unique bond has its benefits, such as allowing those on the other end to track their awareness of her to where she is being held. But it also has complications, leaving her intimately bonded to two different men.

To make matters worse, her captor has done something to her that’s forced her supernatural heritage to come out of the woodwork to save her life, and so that side of her is now evolving – doing nothing to help her moral convictions of giving up her Breathtaker tendencies.

Strange things are happening around the mansion, too, leaving Ash – whom she is just starting to restore a relationship with – unable to breathe in its vicinity.

Then there are the hazy bouts of sleepwalking out to sea.

Will these things and the intrigue of a mysterious Atlantian snowglobe prove to be Breya’s undoing? Or will she find an anchor in something – or someone – that surrounds her?

Or is it inevitable that all roads lead to her eventual surrender to the Great Abyss?


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