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These Are Our Waters – ‘Deep Breather’ Excerpt

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Today I figured I would share an excerpt from the part of Deep Breather I’m working on. Enjoy!


 We are the predators,” Angust preached to the group of Breathtakers rallied in the underground amphitheater. “We don’t tuck our tails between our legs, and we don’t hide in the crevices. We do the hunting. There may be bigger fish in the sea, but here on land we are at the top of the food chain. And to hunt is our instinct.

“I want Cade brought in. We’ve had a taste of rounding up one of the rascals, and I don’t want to stop there. None of us do. So you have my blessing to swarm the water. Show him it’s not as easy as calling himself a Shark and haunting our waters. We don’t bow to sharks. And these are our waters. So go forth; turn the tables. Bring him down. Bring him in.”

While eager shouts of approval didn’t echo Angust’s speech, a visible keenness spread through the gathering as he spoke. It was easy to see they took to the idea readily, prickling with anticipation, something dark and liberated lighting in their eyes.

Ash watched it creep into their ranks, until Angust’s words rang as true to him as anyone else, because he could see firsthand that he was indeed surrounded by a group of predators. He could see it, feel it, sense it. His skin prickled with a keen instinct of his own, albeit an instinct of decidedly a different nature, because he became all too aware he was the prey in their midst.

He was not one of them. He never had been, and he never would be. And so he sat among them, saying nothing, as they warmed their hearts around the fire posed to take down those like him.


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