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Immortal Tides and Abyssal Souls

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Not that I need to be announcing this as I’m still in the middle of working on the series the first time around, but I’ve decided to combine the four books of the Breathtaker saga into two after they’re all finished. Many of you know I like to do that when I write a book that has a sequel, but normally I combine a set into one , simply for those who like a more efficient, juicier read. But since there are four books in this saga, and sequels are where money is often made, it seems appropriate to compact this saga into two volumes. And once I thought up the names for each, there was no going back, because I’m absolutely in love with them and their relevance to the storyline.

Volume One will be: Immortal Tides.

Volume Two will be: Abyssal Souls.

And I also happen to have some ideas for edits upon republishing as two volumes, thanks to reviews on the current books and my own instincts for how I could make the story that much cleaner!


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