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currently reading

While the list of books I’m currently reading is actually quite huge, these are the three I’m actively focusing on right now:

‘The Autobiography of Henry VII’ by Margaret George

‘Pathfinder’ by Orson Scott Card

‘Throne of Glass’ by Sarah J. Maas

I’m enjoying all three, though Pathfinder a little less than the other two. Actually, I think I’m enjoying Henry most of all, which I find interesting because it isn’t my regular go-to genre, though I love the time period. It’s just written well, and I like the perspective being from Henry himself, making him more of an interesting character than a mere terrible one.

Pathfinder dizzies me with its philosophical back-and-forth musings pertaining to the loop-holes of time-travel, which I find very interesting and helpful as far as sparking critical thought if I were to, say, ever write my own time-twisting story. But if I’m reading it at bedtime I tend to have to keep shaking myself out of the muddle and re-reading paragraphs, or just pretend I know which theory the plot is running with at present.

Throne of Glass… I’m not quite sure of my opinion yet. Sometimes I feel it’s a little amateurish, or as if the main character isn’t well-developed (I don’t find her consistent, and she keeps surprising me, not necessarily in believable ways. One might find that interesting, but I tend to think ‘that’s not what this character is supposedly geared to do’. Maybe that’s just the writer in me, seeing things my own way, but still. It’s a bit of an issue for me.) I do find it entertaining, however, and the setting and themes are right up my alley as far as what I love in the YA market (indeed, what got me into reading YA and fantasy to begin with). So I’m certainly going to keep reading, and see no reason why I won’t read the sequels as well.

So there you have it! What I’m currently reading. What is everyone else reading this January?

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