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New Ground – #3 Sequels

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It occurred to me the other day that I’m in the middle of writing two sequels that are #3 in a series, and that that’s something I’ve never done before! I’ve only ever written single books or books with a single sequel. This feels like quite an accomplishment of new ground, and it really excites me.

So I just had to give it a mention here on the ol’  blog.

It’s significant to me for a few reasons. One because it’s simply new ground, and also because it’s a testament to my ability to commit to a series, to persevere past more than one sequel, to keep going until something is finished. But perhaps most notably because it means I’m delving more deeply into my characters’ lives than ever before. Never have they been allowed to develop for this long, and it’s getting both easier to write them as well as surprising to learn about new or more in-depth feelings and convictions that lead to new actions and angles for the story, relationships, etc.

There are definite perks to writing a series! But I know more than ever, now, that I’ll  be really sad to leave these guys when their stories are finished.

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