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Deep Breather – The Beginning

I have started work on the third book in the Breathtaker series! It’s called Deep Breather, and I’m excited about the ideas I have for it, and about the beginning I’ve finally come up with. If this book is anything like the last, it will be swift writing from here!

Here’s a small excerpt of the beginning of the book:


If something happens beneath the ocean, it ceases to exist, flying beneath the radar of any mortal notice or care.

Unless the lighthouses sputter.

And the shells that whisper the sound of the ocean whisper something else instead, an unsettled hiss.

And those who notice aren’t mortal at all.

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Black-Out Poetry


I saw this cool concept for creating poetry on Pinterest. I really want to take some time to actually make something good sometime, but in the meantime here’s something I pulled off a page from my YA fantasy Ace:

Filthy one

I flew a slight innocence

You didn’t trust

You twist things.

I snatched your boundaries

Anything was foreign

Stop calling me names.

So, nothing epic by any means, but still kind of neat to string words together! Clearly I’ve grouped them into an arrangement of sentences here, so it’s not quite as neat as blacking out the rest of the page so you can see where each word is isolated, but still. I didn’t want to go blacking out the pages of my own books, so I have no picture to go with it.

Give it a try! See what you come up with!


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The New Girl in Town

I guess it’s time for my monthly realization that I need to drop in and say a few words. Luckily, this time, that will accompanied by a snippet of exciting media! I’m working on the next Ace book and toying with how to start the next Breathtaker book, but I’ve also just had a break-through in planning my next new project, Starless.

I wanted to go ahead and start gathering inspirational imagery and character profiles and that sort of thing, but after browsing around awhile for good female models with amazing  blue dreadlocks… It occurred to me I wasn’t going to find any, and I would just have to make my own.

So I found a girl who’s facial structure resembled what I was looking for, found some separate blue dreadlocks to get me started, put them together, and painted on the details! Now I have something to look at and display for others, that pretty accurately portrays how my new main character, Biric, looks. Of course she will go on the cover as well, when the time comes.

Here she is! It’s going to be a pretty neat book, I think 🙂

beauty portrait of blonde girl in profile