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Book Trailer! Oh Man!


I’ve been pretty excited about a lot of the progress surrounding Lifebreath lately, but I don’t think any of it comes close to the excitement of MAKING A BOOK TRAILER FOR IT!

It’s really high time I started making book trailers, as I’ve been wanting to do it forever and I do everything else Multi-media related. So I finally decided to just sit down and do it. And I did it!

There is still much to learn in the putting-together-videos department, but I feel like I’ve just tapped into a whole new level of awesomeness. Have a look!

(Lifebreath itself is processing to go live as we speak, so it should be fully processed and available on schedule, which is tonight/tomorrow!)


3 thoughts on “Book Trailer! Oh Man!

  1. Yet to click the link but seeing as you ask. What I did with mine was go onto the video on Youtube, click on ‘share’ and then there’s an embedding code you can insert into the post when you’re in HTML view. Always shows up for me. Hope that helps

  2. okay, clicked it and enjoying the video very much. Well done.

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