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Lifebreath Blurb!


Just got the blurb written for Lifebreath! Yay! Tried to keep it short and sweet this time, but as usual short just doesn’t seem to be how it goes for me. But I think it turned out pretty sweet regardless! Check it out!


Breya has fled her Breathtaker heritage and sworn to give up immortality, but Calecko’s quest to find a way to keep her in the family has led him to a ground-breaking secret sheltered by one of their kin:

There are greater powers that lie dormant in the Imitor Seshy. The spirit of the tide longs to run both in and out of them, rather than being limited to the murderous intake that sucks life from their victims.

There is a way to reverse their nature.

And so Calecko has brought Breya’s dead love – the man she killed – back to life, to free her of a life of guilt and blow her prospects wide open in the process.

What he didn’t account for was the myriad of complications blown wide with Ash being alive again as well.

And there is a foreboding man who wears a shark-tooth necklace loitering around the mansion, manifesting as a shark in Breya’s dreams.

The summery feel of days past is officially over.

There are storms on the horizon.

And blood in the water.


2 thoughts on “Lifebreath Blurb!

  1. This sounds really good!! Quite keen to grab myself a copy when it comes out. Pretty sure there’s the books before I got to read up to know what’s going on but it sounds like very interesting stuff (Y) It’s not too long a blurb, it’s an effective blurb.

    • Thanks! There is one book ahead of it (Breathtaker). But also two books to come after this one (ahhhh!). I’ve had fun writing them. Normally this isn’t actually my genre, but everyone else was writing contemporary paranormal romance, so I figured I’d put in my two cents. It was originally supposed to be a single, experimental novella, but… It never seems to stop there for me. Haha. Glad you don’t think the blurb is too long! Phew!

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