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A Surprise Ending – No, Not That Kind

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And suddenly, it ended.

Well, that was unexpected.

Has that ever happened to any of you other writers before? You’re writing and writing away, plodding along, feeling like you’re never going to get there, and then without much warning, very unceremoniously, suddenly the story just ends itself?

I feel like, usually, a lot more painstaking thought, emotion, crafting and OOMPH go into that last paragraph. And while I feel like the last paragraph is a perfectly well-crafted paragraph, and I like it as a closing paragraph, it wasn’t born with all the usual fuss, this time. It just plopped out onto the page, and that was that.

A little anticlimactic, it seems, at least from my perspective as the unsuspecting author. The reader, at least, will be able to see the end coming – that big blank stretch of page that means THERE IS NO MORE AFTER THAT. But the page always looks like that to me, so I had no idea.

And I feel slightly cheated, somehow. I like to enjoy and savor plunking that last paragraph out onto the page. It’s not nearly as much fun looking back and going ‘wait, is that it?’


Lifebreath is finished. Editing will now commence, and I’m sure I’ll see the end coming well enough the second time around to enjoy it.


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