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Lifebreath still 2

Today is a good day on the writing front. Yesterday was terrible; I realized I needed to decide how the book was going to end, and in trying to do so I came up with only ideas that contradicted one another, or contradicted things I’d already written. Hmph.

But I slept on it, and today I finally came up with an idea that might work instead – and when I did, it not only solved the problem of the ending, but actually filled in other plot holes and determined pretty much every scene between now and then. I love it when that happens!

I’m literally so excited I could scream in triumph out the window right now, because this story just sorted itself out and fell into place like a boss.

(I don’t use that phrase often, but when I do, I must admit I enjoy it.)

I also realized I have only 11,000 words left to finish the story in if I’m staying within my projected word count, but who cares about staying at base novel-length anyway.

So! I think things will be finishing up rapidly now, even if it ends up  being longer than I first anticipated. In the meantime, enjoy the latest ‘still’ I created from a part that I wrote today, displayed above 🙂


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