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No More Excuses (Apparently)


Yesterday, I wrote over 8,000 words. It occurs to me that if I wrote this way every day, I could finish a novel every week or two. Certainly every ten days. Which means that I really have no more excuses for taking months to get something finished, or write a sequel, or meet a deadline I said I would meet (because they’re all way more generous than 10 days…)

Admittedly, there is the writer’s block, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about that. But 8,000 words in a day? If I can do that – heck, just one day of doing that boosts the process tremendously.

I realize that posting this is probably condemning, because there’s no way I’m actually going to suddenly stick to 8,000 words a day, but it threw things in perspective enough that I thought it worth mentioning, and maybe mentioning it will help me be a little more accountable, even if I’m not finishing a novel every two weeks.

But however that plays out, the good news is that this means I boosted Lifebreath to a whopping 72% complete last night, so…we’re getting pretty close now 😀


4 thoughts on “No More Excuses (Apparently)

  1. 8,000 words is fantastic! Well done. The most I’ve written in one day is about 4,500, and that felt great. It’s good when you have a day where the words just keep flowing. And, like you said, you won’t be able to do it every day, but it’s good to know that you can, so it might help to motivate you a bit more to reach for 8,000 words, even if you don’t hit it.

    • Thanks! I think I might have written this much once before, but it certainly doesn’t happen often. And of course, it definitely won’t happen during the week when there’s work to take into account… But if nothing else it feels good to write the week’s worth during the weekend, in case I don’t get to it during the week 😀

  2. I know how 8000 words feel like to get done! And sure you can do the maths and say how long it should take but anyone can use statistics to make a point, 8 out of 10 people know that. Doesn’t mean you got to do that 🙂 Sounds like you’re having a great time writing it, keep up that enthusiasm and energy. You will finish it naturally.

    • Haha, yeah, next week I’ll be writing a post about how I tried to keep writing 8,000 words a day and got completely burnt out, and then I won’t be able to write a word for months. My writing seems to be bipolar that way. 😀 (How nice it would be if the natural inspiration could even out, and I could simply write, say, 3,000 words a day regularly. But noo, it has to come in waves. Temperamental jerk. (Not you, the writing. Baha).)

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