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Bah, Free Promotion!

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spychild new cover

Alright, I officially fail. I forgot I was doing a free promotion today, so I didn’t really promote that I’m doing a free promotion.

It will go through tomorrow as well, though, so… better late than never!

This is for the first book I ever published.  ‘Spychild’, the first book of The Shadow’s Apprentice. I am much more proud of the series name (it’s actually only two books) than the book title itself, which I wish now I had never named it. But you name things such when you’re young, and of course at this point that’s what the book is. I can’t change it, because the book and its title are one and the same. It fits, it’s stuck, and that’s that.

But this wasn’t supposed to turn into a post about the book’s name. The point is that, it’s the first book I ever published! And it’s free!! It’s perhaps a mix between Middle Grade and Young Adult, and I suppose would be categorized as medieval fantasy-adventure. It has ‘dark’ themes, in a manner of speaking (the whole thing is about shadows and the night and criminals), but the whole thing is done in a very charming way. They’re charming criminals.

I’ve written a post before about how this and its sequel are actually my most successful, beloved books. I’m not sure why that is, but apparently there is really something to them, even though they may be geared slightly for younger people. They have nothing but 5-star reviews, and they’re favorites of everyone in my circle of family and friends.

So! It would mean a lot if you could do me a huge favor and hop on over to Amazon, and support me/these books by downloading a free copy 🙂 You may even find them charming as well! And feel free to spread the word if you feel so inclined.

Download the first book of The Shadow’s Apprentice here: Download Me!


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