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‘Whisper’ Excerpt

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In honor of starting on the sequel to Whisper as well, here pretty soon, I thought I would share an excerpt from Whisper! Whisper is my ‘horsey’ book – fantasy-esque and dystopian, but basically the book that I wrote to scratch the horsey itch, since I’ve been a horse girl all my life, and they’re what I really ‘know’.



 “How do you do it?” Sonya wanted to know.

“Do what?”

“Do what indeed, Miss Wilde. The thing you do with the horses.”

“I did tell you I whisper to horses.”

“But how does it work? Is it science? Art? Magic?”

“Magic doesn’t exist,” I said, but really it was only an attempt to stay in control of her expectations of me. For I knew what it felt like to harness a thousand pounds of wild muscle, to feel sweat-foamed mane in my face like the spray of the ocean, to outrun the wind and shake the earth to its bones as surely as any quake with the very hooves beneath me. I knew what it was like to feel coarse wild-mustang coats turn to silk beneath my stroking hands, to dance among hooves that could kill wolves, to breathe my carnivore breath into nostrils that channeled wind and freedom and see the eyes of these beasts of prey soften to me, open to me. ‘Magic’ was the only word for it.


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