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spychild new cover  treachery's game new cover

I shared this briefly on Facebook, but realized it would make a good blog post, where I could explore it a tad more deeply.

So, interestingly enough, it turns out my most highly-rated book/series is the first one I ever wrote. It seems that back when I was young and inexperienced, I knew better what I was doing than I do now.

The books I’m talking about are Spychild and its sequel Treachery’s Game, or the combined version known as The Master of the Shadows. I never think of this as my best work, because, well, let’s face it, it was the first thing I wrote, and I wrote it in my teens, and supposedly I’ve  been developing my writing skills and getting better since then. At least, that’s what all the hard work has been for, but maybe I’ve just been fooling myself this whole time (how sad).

Anyway, I never think of this little saga as my best work for the above reasons, but I realized the other day that it has nothing but 5-star reviews on Amazon. Whether you look at the two books separately, or at the combo version, readers seem to have nothing but good things to say about it. None of my other books have gotten away with only praise.

This, of course, is wonderful for this little saga that I all but don’t even consider part of my main bibliography, but… Realizing this has made me stop and think. What did I have then that I don’t now? How has something that I wrote as my debut work in my teens, that took me only a couple months to write, out-shined what I’ve written since I’ve spent time and effort honing my craft? Bettering my grasp on language? Studying story-telling? Learning how to develop characters? Learning how to plot? Learning how to edit?

It seems I should take lessons from my younger self. If only my younger self was still around to advise me…

Anyway, if you want to check out my most highly-acclaimed series, you can do so here (the first book): An Apparently Awesome Little Saga.


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